Ep 59 - One Month in China: FBA, Canton Fair Sourcing w/ Ahmed Part 1

This episode is the 1st part of a 2 hour conversation between Rico and his buddy Ahmad Abuleil, A globetrotter, E-Commerce Entrepreneur and current resident of Houston, Texas. He shares his experiences and observations from his first visit to China. A one month trip aimed at sourcing products at the Canton Fair, researching country's potential import markets, as well as immersing himself in the middle kingdom's customs

Topics incl:

  • First Impressions of China

  • The importance of WeChat app

  • Tips on Canton Fair - Business Card Etiquette - Ideal attire

  • The Benefits of doing Squats

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Ep 58 - (Bonus Ep) #ThisisChina The Trilogy

The Trilogy to the #ThisIsChina #T.I.C series. In this bonus episode, Rico and ChinaMike continue talking about random stories and funny situations they experience in China while adapting to the social culture and it's business practices.

Topics incl:

  • Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai

  • Factory Tales

  • Rico watches Chinese Movies

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Ep 57 - Opening a Restaurant in China w/ MiCasa's Mazen Dabbousi

In this episode, Rico and ChinaMike interview restaurateur Mazen Daboussi a foreigner who opened a restaurant business in Guangzhou, China without any local partners. He shares his experiences, challenges and successes in operating a Mexican Fusion Resto in an old city whose locals have young pallets - slowly embracing International cuisine.

Topics incl:

  • The history of how Mazen founded MiCasa

  • How Guangzhou cuisine has progressed through the years.

  • Training and motivating long-term employees in China.

  • How to compromise personal taste to fit the local market.

  • Registering a business in China.

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Ep 56 - ChinaMike WildBall Update & Cirque Du Soleil

In this episode, Rico and ChinaMike talk about their current projects. Mainly Mike's progress with China basketball tours and plans to bring Chinese players to the US. 
Rico's developing, "Manufacturing accelerator program" - bringing people from the US and other countries to China to work out of his office sourcing their own products.

Topics incl:

* ChinaMike WildBall Tours Update

* Cirque Du Soleil

* NCAA players in China

* Chinese basketball players in the US

* Chiang Mai Life

* Rico's Manufacturing Accelerator Program test run

* Dealing with corporate clients

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Ep 55 - 2017 Goals vs 2018 Goals

In this episode, Rico and ChinaMike review goals from 2017 and set new goals for 2018.
How did they do in 2017? What do they expect from 2018? Take a listen!

Topics incl:

* Mike's goals 2017 - Grade "Solid C" :)

* Mike's goals for 2018:
1. Become more social.

2. Lifestyle branch online sales.

3. Reading/listening to more books and audiobooks

* An awesome AD - Design for manufacturing service

* Rico's 2017 goals - Grade: A

* Rico's 2018 for goals:
1. Revenue goals.

2. Video and Podcast episode every week.

3. 1k Youtube subscribers.

4. Muscle Up!

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Ep 54 - Initial Communication - How to Build Relationships with Suppliers

Originally a SFA Youtube Channel video, in this episode Nick Nerov speaks with Rico and ChinaMike about the essential steps involved when building a lasting relationship with Chinese supplier from the initial research phase.

Topics Incl.

  • Insider vs outsider supplier research and the 4 best online resources
  • How to start and timeline progression
  • Best and worst case scenarios
  • ODM vs OEM Process
  • What is the best mindset a person can have to do business in China
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Ep 53 - The Whiskey Episode: Importing to China

In this episode, Rico meets Ray Chan from Guangzhou Golden Technology, one of the biggest Chinese whiskey import companies. Two passionate whiskey fans, discuss their favorite brands, best whiskey on the market and insanely expensive vintages.

Topics Incl:

* Karuizawa whiskey ($150.000 per bottle)

* Taiwanese whiskey, Kavalan - one of the top 3 whiskeys in the world

* How fake alcohol is made in China

* Jack Maa and Macallan

* Which Hollywood blockbuster made whiskey popular in China

* How to tell the difference between good and bad whiskey

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Ep 52 - Traveling in Yangshuo County, Guanxi

In this episode Rico and Nick travel to Yangshou, a scenic mountain town with a lot of history.
Yangshuo lies to the southeast of Guilin and in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Since being introduced by 'Lonely Planet' in 1980, it greets an increasing number of visitors annually.

Topics Incl:

* "Bangers and Mash"

* Smelly blankets and other bus adventures.

* Prices in Yangshou

* Rico Approved food places

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Ep 51 - Advantages of Investing Time in China Now w/ Nick Nerov

On a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, Nick Nerov, a rapidly expanding Amazon FBA player - shares him experiences globe trotting and explains his decision to move to China to kick his FBA business into 5th gear.

Topics Inc.

* The benefits of investing (time) in China in 2018

* Doing business in China just takes longer, be patient

* How being on the ground makes your a priority to suppliers

* Some of the "fuckery" that goes on behind the scenes

* Learning from people A few steps ahead of you

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Ep 50 - Rico & ChinaMike's Top 5 Episodes

Happy 2018 & Happy Anniversary Made in China Podcast! Episode 50!

This time you will have a chance to hear Rico’s and ChinaMike’s choices for their top 5 episodes of the Made in China Podcast (Rico cheated with "honorable mentions"). You will hear what was the most fun for them, from whom they learned a lot and how their have guests affected their business and lives. Enjoy!

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Ep 49 - Rico & Noam Catch Up

Rico and Noam strike again! In this episode, two old friends recap the period since their last podcast. They talk about business, vacations, health and life in Thailand/China.

Topics Incl:

*Rico & Noam's Company Updates

*When You Should Get A China Business Licence

*Revenue Growth

*Post-vacation Productivity

*The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster Ride

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Ep 48 - Breaking Into The Chinese Marketing World w/ Matthew Brennan

In this episode Rico is interviewing Matthew Brennan, experienced marketing expert, WeChat guru and all around awesome guy!

Topics Incl:

* Who is Matthew and why he is so awesome.

* How Online Marketing in China is so far ahead of the West.

* WeChat Marketing Basics

* Beginnings and first clients

* Launching the China Tech Talk Podcast

* His Process to Producing content.

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Ep 47 - Registering a Company in Mainland China - Should You Do It

In this weeks episode, Rico does an in-depth analysis of the processes required in registering your company in China. He talks pros and cons and reveals a few pro tips to make your business life
in China much easier.

Topics inc.

  • How and where to register your company.
  • When to open office in Mainland China vs Hong Kong.
  • Tips on taxes and banking.
  • Personnel (positions you need) 
  • Registration costs (including bank balance requirements)
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Ep 46 - Our Marketing Intern/Aspriring Entrepreneur - Marcello

In this episode Rico interviews his marketing intern Marcello Di Pierro, aspiring entrepenur and future marketing expert.

Topics Incl:

  • Why China?
  • How did he came across Rico?
  • "Oh Fuck it! I`m going to China!"
  • First weeks in the office
  • The power of video
  • Plans for the future
  • What changes moving to another country brings
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Ep 45 - Rico & Noam Ruminations

In this episode Rico and one of his best friends Noam Lightstone - Author, Entrepreneur, Digital nomad, ruminate about personal growth, philosophy and mindset.

Topics incl.

  • Becoming Batman
  • The Tao of the morning routine.
  • How to do more extra work and have fun with it.
  • How to achieve good balance in life
  • Automations and emotions
  • Getting Jacked Bro!
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Ep 44 - Finding Your Why w/ Nick Ramil Founder @ Enterchina.co Part 2

Second part of our interview with Nick Ramil, founder of Enter China and founding team member of Brinc.io

Topics incl:

  • Why Rico stepped down from Enter China
  • How to start networking in China
  • 4 pillars of entrepreneurship mindset
  • Reading people as a life skill
  • "To do Lists and MUST Do Lists"
  • Visualisation and Affirmation techniques
  • Journaling and Role Models
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Ep 43 - Finding Your Why w/ Nick Ramil Founder @ Enterchina.co Part 1

In this two part interview Rico talks with Nick Ramil founder of Enter China and founding team member of Brinc.io. Nick is one of Rico's China business mentors and one of the main reasons why he moved to China.

Topics Incl:

  • Who is Nick Ramil and why he is so awesome?
  • The Elevator Life and Enter China community.
  • Why Rico stepped down as a partner in Enter China?
  • Helping people and giving back through entrepreneurship.
  • Why run an IoT business in Hong Kong?
  • Focus on optimizing your main business before diversifying revenue.
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Ep 42 - Building a CrossFit Empire w/Gus Mello (@helefitness.com)

In this episode, Rico chats with CrossFit trainer/entrepreneur Gus Mello, co-founder of HELE Fitness in Hawaii while sitting on the 91st floor of the Park Hyatt in Shanghai (hope you like the deep house in the background).

Topics Include:

  • Traveling to 5 different cities in China in 10 Days
  • Being an SFA client
  • How to look like a dude?
  • The CrossFit Equipment Business Philosophy
  • Why come to China when you have people there?
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Ep 41 - (Bonus) 4S1F39 Four Seas One Family Podcast - Rico Interview

"Lower your expectations so you can get results that you want in China," is one of the most memorable quotes from Rico's first ever turn as a podcast interviewee. 

In this special episode (originally posted by the Four Seas One Family Podcast) you'll get to learn a bit more about the personal elements throughout Rico's life - that led him to leave the comforts of Canada and head to China: 

Topics Incl:

  • Rico's preference of PS3 over exploration on his first trip to Guangzhou
  • How entrepreneurship is part of his DNA
  • The differences between "American" Chinese Food & ACTUAL Chinese food
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Ep 40 - Making $15k A Month PROFIT through Amazon FBA w/ Nick Nerov

In this episode Nick Nerov, a big time Amazon FBA player making 5 figures a month in profit (USD) selling on the platform - will share pearls of wisdom with Rico and his listeners. These two good friends will share advice, laughs and experience.

Topics Incl:

  • The Spirit of the Entrepreneur
  • First steps to get on Amazon.
  • Bro-Hands...
  • What do when the FBA goldrush ends
  • The nuts and bolts of business growth
  • Importance of good suppliers
  • Praising Rico!!!
  • Rico EXPOSED!!!
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