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Q. Why should I use your Project Management service or order a Sourcing Report from your company when I can find suppliers online, for free?

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It’s easy to find suppliers online. Tens of thousands, of suppliers are listed on B2B directories for a certain product category or industry, such as Alibaba. However, the vast majority are not what most buyers would consider reliable, or able to ensure compliance with overseas product regulations.

If you know exactly how to identify qualified manufacturers and verify their legal status, product certificates, quality systems and manage the production, then you have little or no need for our sourcing reports.

That being said, there’s a reason why so many businesses fail when importing from China or other Asian countries. Making an arbitrary supplier selection is very likely to result in the choice of an unqualified trader or agent, that lack both knowledge and capability to ensure compliance with overseas standards, and your specific quality requirements. In most industries, the actual number of ‘reliable suppliers’ is quite limited, and it’s our job to identify them.

Q. Does ordering a Sourcing Report mean you'll consult on our mass production process?

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No, our Sourcing Reports and our Project Management are separate services.

A sourcing report is the initial vetting process of suppliers, we shortlist, provide advice and detailed reports on the best manufacturers for your product, at which stage you can choose to manage the production process on your own or inquire about our Project Management service here.

As a sourcing and procurement agency our main service is Project Management, we take clients from inception of a product - finding a qualified manufacturer - mass production - quality control and finally delivery to the end consumer. Naturally, sourcing reports are included in this service.

Q. Can I use your Project Management services, after I've already found a supplier or specifically for one or two stages of my project?

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Absolutely, we've had customers who only required us to consult at various stages of their project. For example:

  • Initial setup of their supply chain (supplier vetting and negotiating sales agreement terms)
  • Quality control and introduction to a freight forwarder.
  • Sourcing ASTM/SGS approved raw materials for their manufacturer to use in production.
  • Sourcing alternative packaging suppliers for an already manufactured product.

After we've understood your needs, we'd prepare a personalized proposal including an estimated project timeline and the specialized services we'll provide for the various stages of your product development.

Q. On what factors do you select suppliers?

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The first stage of the process is to screen a large number of suppliers in your industry, usually around 30 – 40 different companies. After this, we make an initial selection of 8 – 10 suppliers, which we then contact to verify key information, including the following:

  • Product Scope & Design
  • Legal Status
  • Registered Capital
  • Product Certificates
  • Substance Test Reports
  • Quality Management System
  • ODM & OEM Capacity
  • Production Time
  • Minimum Order Quantity Requirement (per product)

Based on the result, we then make a second supplier selection of between 3 - 5. The remaining suppliers are those that we list in the sourcing report. Unless specifically requested by you, we don't promise the cheapest suppliers - our aim is always to identify and provide the best suppliers for your product.

Q. How do you check a supplier’s legal status?

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We request and verify the business license of each supplier, to ensure that the company is legally registered. In addition, we also make an assessment based on their registered capital and location. If needed we'll contact our network to verify information.

Q. How do you verify documentation and manufacturing capability for each supplier?

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A supplier's business license is verified directly with the Chinese city or province authorities, where the supplier is registered. Product certificates, test reports and QMS certificates (if any) are verified through the issuing companies. We always attach scanned copies of these certificates in our reports for you to see. However, the manufacturing capability (e.g., MOQ, OEM, ODM and Production Time) is based on information provided by the supplier, and therefore cannot be verified by a third party without a physical inspection.

Q. Do you visit each supplier?

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For our initial sourcing reports no, we manage this process through phone calls and email. If you'd like us to physically visit certain suppliers this can be arranged at an added cost. This would include pictures, video and physical samples of the supplier's facilities and products respectively.

We always physically vet factories before proceeding forward with a sales agreement, for all clients that use our Project Management services.

Q. What if I’m not satisfied with the result?

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Whenever a customer expresses dissatisfaction, we always do our best to find a solution. This may be that we find additional suppliers, or allow the customer to select a new product. Our philosophy is to never leave a customer behind. That being said, we do not issue a refund after the process has begun and the report has been delivered.

Q. What if you fail to deliver the Sourcing Report?

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We have a 100% success rate in delivering sourcing reports, but if we did fail to locate a single manufacturer for your product, you may either request that we source another product, or a full refund.

Q. Will you guarantee that we avoid quality issues and compliance related issues?

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No. Even when we're managing a customer's entire product development from start to finish, quality and compliance related issues may occur anywhere. As such, a quality assurance and compliance process must be implemented through careful supplier selection and clear requirements in your sales agreement. What we do guarantee is that through our process and experience we always select the best manufacturers and do everything in our power to ensure that they adhere to your quality expectations and timeline.

Q. What is the delivery time for the Sourcing Report?

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We usually deliver the Sourcing Report within 7 - 10 working days. Additional delays may occur during the document verification procedure, and during China’s national holidays.

Q. Will you negotiate the order on our behalf?

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Negotiation and order administration is not included in our Sourcing Report service, these fall under our Project Management services. After the Sourcing Report is delivered, the buyer manages all communication with the suppliers.

Q. We have already found a few suppliers by ourselves. Can you include them too?

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Yes, if you have found suppliers, for example online or at a trade fair, you may submit the following information after placing your order:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Details (if any)
  • Website

However, the supplier information must be submitted immediately after you’ve placed your order, so that we can list each one before the sourcing and verification process begins.

Q. We’ve already found one or more suppliers on our own, can you verify them?

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As long as they're in China, definitely! Simply click here to contact us and we will discuss verifying your suppliers in detail.

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