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Helping businesses achieve high performance in Asian markets. 


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4 Steps to get your product made in China.


Who We Are


Source Find Asia is the leading sourcing company in the global market that specializes in helping businesses achieve high performance in Asian markets.


What We Do


Source Find Asia delivers two main sourcing solutions; we provide peace of mind for business owners and offer ultra-detailed sourcing reports/recommendations.

How We Work


By working closely with you to determine your individual opportunities and needs, we develop and implement time-tested strategies tailored to your business. Whether it’s research and insight into new markets, purchasing and manufacturing solutions, product development, or entry into dynamic Asian markets

Over 10 Years Experience


We make sure you’re working with top quality suppliers so you don’t have to lift a finger. Having spent over 10 years on the ground in Asia - our market experience allows us to tackle problems in ways nobody else can.


Where We Operate


Our primary niche is the global market, but we have our main office support in Guangzhou China and maintain active enterprises throughout Asia.

Sourcing Reports


Our Sourcing Reports provide accurate, up to date, ultra-detailed reports and recommendations on factories for your products.

Sample Service


Use of our China office to safely gather all your samples, You pick the best samples and we ship them out to you in one neat consolidated package and much more

Project Management


We act as your project managers, consultants, and purchasing office. Here to manage your products throughout your sourcing and manufacturing journey.

Sourcing Report and Sample Service  


Combining all the best aspects of our sourcing reports and sampling service 

Product Photos 

Product Photo provides professional product photography service for all your needs.

One thing has become very clear to us in working with Source Find Asia for over a year - these guys know how to do business in China. They are truly our “eyes and ears on the ground”, and have been an invaluable asset in setting up our supply chain in China.
— Rohan Mahimker, Co-Founder & Co-CEO ON, Canada

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