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Ep 86 - Building A Global Mastermind From Manila with Noel Naguiat CEO @The Refined

While in Manila, Rico discovered a gentleman's club that defines him, The Refined is a members only lounge that provides a gentleman's lifestyle experience. Rico sits down with the owner, another Toronto Boy, Noelle Naguiat who was very gracious enough to share his experiences in entrepreneurship and the birth of his "Mancave".

Topics Includes:

  • Coming Back to Manila

  • Advantages leaving in the Philippines compared to North American countries

  • Beginning with Mankind then opening Refined after

  • What didn't work at Mankind then corrected at Refined

  • Finding the right Investors 

  • Making Connections

  • Mastermind groups

  • Finding Focus

  • Early Mistakes with the Refined

  • Paying for The "Experience" of Refined

  • Being present as an owner 

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Ep 85 - 3rd Year in China Lessons & Transitioning Out of China

For this week, Rico and Harrison connected at the Refined, Manila to talk about the lessons they learned after 3 years in China. They give their very own perspectives about how different individuals particularly expats decide to stay or while some others like themselves eventually leave even if they have their businesses connected in China.

Topics Includes:

  • Transitioning from living in to leaving China 

  • "Lifestlye creep"

  • Price hike in China

  • Why some guys stay longer

  •  "Health Issues" a reason for leaving

  • Business lesson learned by the 3rd year in China

  • The advantages of being in China while doing FBA Amazon Retailing

  • Anxieties about transitioning out.

  • Present tools such as podcasts and youtube channels to help expats in China.

  • Finding the right Supplier for your Amazon business

  • "analysis paralysis" - Figure the first step and then go on from there.

  • Guru Courses are unnecessary expenses

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Ep 84 -Systemizing A Consulting Business in Asia Year 2

In this episode, let's listen to Rico and Noam Once again where they talk about how to further systemized a consulting business in their respective areas, to make it easier for them to manage the company.

Topics Includes:

  • The Ups and Downs of running a company

  • Hiring process

  • Language Barrier Between Clients and Chinese Employees

  • How much can you systemize 

  • Reaching Unrealistic Goals

  • Focusing on your own work

  • Amazon investments on Technology

  • People vs Apps that can help ease your business effectively

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Ep 83 - Importance of Homebase & Riding The Entrepreneurship Hockey Stick

A "hockey stick" chart is a line chart in which a sharp increase occurs suddenly after a short period of quiescence. The line connecting the data points resembles a hockey stick. 

This week, we bring you one of the last throwback episodes from the series of Rico and Noam's recorded Podcast 2 years ago (2017). Their conversation circled around the benefits or importance of having a home base for your business and the pressures of maintaining a company's rapid growth .

Topics Includes:

  • What it means to be Riding a "Hockey Stick"

  • Why having a Home Base for your business is Essential

  • Being Consistent is the fundamental key

  • Operating around your Schedule

  • Systemizing will lessen the stress

  • Your City Surroundings can motivate your drive

  • Handling a rapid expansion

  • Fast Growth Company needs to look at their quarters like a normal company would look at their year.

  • Keeping your feet on the ground despite having quick success 

  • "Pessimistically Optimistic" 

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Ep 82 - China Then and China Now

For this week’s episode, Rico and ChinaMike or now known as ChiangMike, Hangs out yet again to share each other’s observations of China’s rapid development through their respective duration of time spent living in the country.

Topics Includes:

  • The Sourcing Table Meet Ups

  • The Changes in China from 2008 to it’s Present

  • The Government has tighten up

  • The Decreasing Quality of Food as the Cost of living Increases.

  • Nantong, A City that’s much cheaper then it’s neigbouring Cities.

  • Old School Sourcing vs Present Day Sourcing

  • China being the first to develop the apps

  • Pollution is getting better

  • More Businesses being established.

  • The Challenges retaining workers/ and dealing with the minimum wage hike

  • How Different this generation of workers compared to it's predecessors

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Ep 81 - How to Meet High Level Contacts in Hong Kong

A back to back episode with Alan Scanlan at the Pullman Hotel in HK. Let's talk about building connections in Hong Kong. One of the places where you can meet some of the most successful people. Let's find out some tips on how you can meet those people so you can do business more effectively.

Topics Includes:

  • The advantages of Moving and Living in HK, 

  • Making a lot of connections in HK

  • Supportive Expat Community 

  • Joining Networking events such as Invest HK*

  • Banking in China

  • Email Inbox Organization

  • Working on weekends and holidays

  • Living in mainland China vs HK

  • Handling distractions while trying to focus on Work Goals

  • Dealings of a Boss: Making it Work for your staff as well

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Ep 80 - Building an 8 Figure Family Dynasty From Ireland to China

This week's episode is another video cast episode Featuring Alan Scanlan, who runs a Family Sourcing Business that was started in the 1970s by his Father. They talk about the history of how his dad coming from Ireland came about sourcing in HK and how he turned it into an 8 figure dynasty for more than 4 decades now.

Topics Includes:

  • Difficulties during the first 5 years

  • Tipperary Crystals

  • History of the Family Sourcing Business

  • Manufacturing and Importing from everything irish such as the Shamrock

  • Coming to Hong kong 

  • Allied imports and allied international

  • Doing business with Mark and Spencers 

  • Coming into the business as a young man

  • How he found Rico

  • Sourcing for Whiskey Bottles

  • Newlands Sourcing

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Ep 79 - Managing Clients

In this Episode, Rico and Noam Discuss how they respectively manage clients and what lengths they have to do to maintain them.

Topics Includes:

  • The difficulties of maintaining a Routine!

  • Approaching from the Clients perspective

  • What's your Brand Story

  • Making your decisions base on your core values

  • Just be honest with your clients; Never give bad news without a solution

  • Clients who negotiate for cheap price

  • Selling Service vs Selling Finish Products

  • Taking on Enough Projects that you can Handle

  • Getting clients is just like "Dating"

  • For every negative there's a positive 

  • Systemizing your Business: SOPS SOPS SOPS

  • It's good to have friends in your industry even if they are your competitors

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Ep 78 - The Growing pains of Consulting Businesses

This week, we welcome back Noam Lightstone to the Podcast who is one of Rico's Core Friends from way back during college in Canada. In this episode they exchange each other's Growing Pains that comes with running a Consulting Business, their shared values and how it is being a Young Entrepreneur.

Topics Includes:

  • Micro Expenses

  • Big Sin City vs Small Transitioning City

  • Does Systemizing your business really give you more free time?

  • Making the right Hire and managing your staff.

  • Having someone who can get task done aside from yourself

  • S.O.Ps

  • Strategizing and moving your staff like chess pieces

  • Wearing different "Hats" within your company

  • Challenges of working with an unreliable Company or Client

  • Giving Trust to your employee as part of encouraging growth.

  • Can there be balance when starting a business and having a relationship?

  • "You can have it all you want but not all at once"

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Ep 77 - What The SFA Team (2016) Thought of Rico

Here is another Back log Episode to Start 2019, Recorded Back in 2016, Rico puts his Staff namely; CiCi, Immigen and Sunny on the interrogation chair to get their feedback on how it is to be working for Source Find Asia and having Rico as their Boss and Mentor.

Topics Includes:

  • How it is working for SFA.

  • The difference working for a Foreigner and a Chinese Boss

  • Views on talking to Manufacturing Factories

  • Communicating with the customers using emails vs wechat app

  • Manufacturer's frustrations on SFA not sourcing specialized products.

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Ep 76 - A Globally Sourced YT Channel with Mr Mafan of the MAFAN Crew

This is not a “MAFAN” episode! Here Rico chats with Mr Mafan Himself over drinks. Aka Luigui Mangasha, an expat in China for the last 8 years, shares with us his experience working in Beijing then moving to Shenzen and as well as talking about his brainchild The Mafan Crew, a youtube channel he created for the Multi-cultured Expats living in China.

Topics Includes:

  • Mafan crew's purpose 

  • What mafan means

  • Luigi Mangasha channel

  • Being Aware in China: watching out for spit!

  • Learning to be patient and accepting in China

  • Shenzen Vs Beijing

  • Networking through WeChat app

  • Learn to sell yourself

  • Why a Chinese would hire a Foreigner?

  • Competition improves a company

  • Misconceptions of foreigners on the business side of things.

  • Challenges working as a the lone foreigner 

  • Designing toys as the next business move

  • Starting out the youtube channel

  • Vloggers.

  • "Make yourself different"

  • Youtube is Practically Illegal in China


  • Youtubers in China WeChat Group

  • Advice to "young Youtuber" Rico

  • "Keep it real and believe in yourself"

  • "Gratefulness is the greatest virtue of a man"

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Ep 75 - Second year in China Lessons

This week’s episode, We coincide the Youtube Video Channel and the Made in China Podcast to release a VideoCast. Rico captured this moment Interviewing Harrison Bevins, an Amazon FBA Reseller, who you can recall from previous Made In China Episodes; Lessons learned in China year 1 and the Reply all episode. Here they revisit their conversation on lessons they learned in China year 1, and a year since after they both discuss the continuing process and challenges of having and handling their business in China.

Topics Includes:

  • The Adjustments made, From living in Taiwan to Mainland China

  • Discovering making money online, Drop shipping

  • Reply All Episode

  • Selling the drop shipping store through

  • Amazon FBA, Why FBA and Lessons Learnt while selling the Company

  • Product Photos from Rico's Source Find asia

  • Communicating in China. "WeChat App"

  • Biggest Lesson learned 2nd year in China

  • Rollercoaster of emotions comes with doing business

  • The Importance of having a community of like minded people surrounding you.

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Ep 74 - Black Panther in China Movie Review Part 2

This week we continue to listen to Rico and Nick’s Critique on Black Panther and other topics about the MCU Characters and it’s Rival, DC Comics.

Topics Includes:

  • Marvel VS DC

  • Bucky's Story

  • Captain America's the ladies Man and The Ironman Scandal

  • Asian Superhero?

  • Marvel's renting their superheroes to other movie studios

  • Captain Canada and Deadpool

  • Marvel movies inspiring the real life superheroes of the future

  • Rating Top 3 Marvel Movies

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Ep 73 - Black Panther in China Movie Review Part 1

Enough Business talk! This week we are releasing an old Podcast that didn't get released until now. Nick Nerov joins Rico in this 2 parts podcasts to review Marvel's Black Panther that was released on China's Movie Theatres. They became movie critics in this episode and give their own observations and perspectives as well as sharing each of their favorite experiences of the movie.

Topics Includes:

  • Marvel Superhero Characters are still new to the Chinese Audience

  • Rico is being compared to Obama

  • Chinese's peception of a black man

  • Unassuming Africa's rich economic countries

  • Nick's and Rico's Favorite part of the movie

  • Rooting and being emotional for the Villain

  • Immigration issue parallelism 

  • Superb Fight Scenes

  • Favorite supporting actor/ actress

  • Intrigued by Wakanda

  • Strong Females, Gender Equality properly portrayed in the movie

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Ep 72 - Working for a Foreigner in China

For this week we are reposting a quick episode from the youtube channel where Rico interviews his project manager Immigen and ask her questions on how she feels working for a foreign company in China

Topics Includes:

  • What her role is as a project manager

  • Comparing working for a foreign company to a chinese company

  • What she thinks about the company from when it started to what it is now

  • The future of the sfa company

  • Organizing a client's company

  • Being systemized is a necessity

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EP 71 - The China Business Cast Podcast Episode feat. Rico

Here's a repost from Michael Michelini's podcast China Business Cast where Rico switch sides from Interviewer to the Interviewee. They touch on topics regarding Original Design Manufacturing from its process and the steps.

Topics Includes:

  • What it takes to run a company

  • Critical to have a clear and detailed communication with your employees or suppliers”

  • “Molding”

  • The importance of coming to china to meet your manufaturer/ supplier

  • The Process - step 1 come to china: DFM (design for manufacture)

    Step 2 : Create a Sample

    Step 3 : Full Mass Production

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Ep 70 - Crowdfunding for Sex Toys, Lovach

Warning!!! This conversation contains Explicit topics!!! NSFW! It's a first in this Podcast where sex is part of the topic which was heavily discussed between Rico and Leony Tan. Leony, who works for a company who specializes in sex toys called Lovach, Introduces Molly and gives a brief description and the benefits regards to the product as well as sharing more in depth issues about the sex toy industry, indiegogo crowd funding campaigns and the common challenges they experience when manufacturing products with chinese factories.

Topics Includes:

  • Starting out as a teacher in China.

  • "Focus on something you can control"

  • Product Features: 2 point stimulation

  • Benefits of sex toys in today's world and how it helps long distance relationships

  • Flaws from other products: Invading privacy and unregulated toys, “be careful what you put up in your @$%!

  • The Lovach Team and their roles

  • The steps to manufacturing the product

  • Issues with factory : best to get an industrial designer

  • indiegogo launching

  • Marketing Plans

  • Expectations on the campaign

  • Next product after "Molly"

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Ep 45 - Rico & Noam Ruminations

In this episode Rico and one of his best friends Noam Lightstone - Author, Entrepreneur, Digital nomad, ruminate about personal growth, philosophy and mindset.

Topics incl.

  • Becoming Batman
  • The Tao of the morning routine.
  • How to do more extra work and have fun with it.
  • How to achieve good balance in life
  • Automations and emotions
  • Getting Jacked Bro!
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Ep 39 - (Bonus Ep) #ThisisChina The Sequel

The sequel to the #ThisIsChina #T.I.C. series. In this episode, find out what kind of adventures you'd find yourself in while traveling to mountain villages in China.
How NOT to order beer in when a small town bar up in North China how Chinese culture always seems to have a new surprise for Rico and ChinaMike. 

Topics Incl:

* When you`re 6 ft tall in the middle of a Chinese village.

* How to say no to cigarettes and keep saying no, again and again and again.

* Ordering Heineken's and getting...well, something else.

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