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Ep 102 - Product Development with Don Wilder - The Sourcing Table

This week's podcast we have a repost from the sourcing table. Mike sits down with his Buddy Don Wilder, a product developer, to share about his experiences developing a product in China and creating a successful crowd funding campaign.

Topics Incl:

  • Starting with product developing and crowdfunding

  • Is it Necessary to be in China when developing products?

  • Obstacles doing business in China

  • How crowd funding has changed 

  • Being specific with your customer profile/ targeting your niche market

  • Developing a new table top game

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Ep 101 - How to Conduct Yourself in a Chinese Factory Meeting

In this episode, which was originally released on Youtube. Rico gives us tips on how to conduct yourself in a meeting with the Factory Bosses or Sales person  while hanging out in Nantong.

Topics Incl:

  • What to expect from the First Meeting

  • Price Negotiating Tactics

  • The Unassuming Boss

  • Be respectful of the Factory

  • Researching the price range before the meeting

  • Do not make empty promises

  • Don’t be too aggressive

  • Be specific with details

  • Take advantage of the dinner with the Bosses.

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Ep 100 - Extravaganza! What's Your 80/20 Rule?

LET'S CELEBRATE THE 100th MADE IN CHINA Episode with a special podcast where we Compiled Every Guest's Answer to their 80/20 PARETO PRINCIPLE Question. Let's walk through this memory lane with Rico and Mike as they give their reviews and observations on the common takes from different personalities.

Topics Incl:

People, Family and Relationship

The Power of the Internet to Reach out and Market your Brand

"Mastering Successful Habits"

Law of Energy/ Positive Karma/ Mind over Matter

Networking and Being Present

Evolving, Adapting and Committing 

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Ep 99 - China Sourcing War Stories w/ Aakash Chugani

On this VideoCast, We have a fellow Sourcing Guy, Aakash Chugani to share his Outrageous War Stories running a sourcing business in China.  

Topics Incl:

Supplier's Factory got Closed down

Selling Big Ideas to suppliers while Client's Business Closed

Double Checking Factories and Clients

Meeting Felipe

Biggest Success

Giving Enough Trust to your Chinese Staff

Online Presence of Sourcing Companies

Being Involved with every aspect of the Business

Organizing A Busy Schedule

Fashion Industry

Online Businesses in China

Sourcing in China Vs Other SEA Countries 

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Ep 98 - #ThisisChina 5 "Factory Bosses"

After Last week's #ThisIsChina Episode where we heard stories about Employees, this week we cross the other side of the Fence and listen to Mike's and Rico's Bizarre Experience with different Types of Factory Bosses that they had dealt with from the Beginnings of their Sourcing Experiences.

Topics Incl:

Factory Boss 1 - The Band Man - Party Hard Boss!

Factory Boss 2 - The Egostistic MuthaF*%$#@ who won't admit his mistakes

Factory Boss 3 - Swapping Materials for Cheaper Material

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Ep 97 - #ThisisChina 4 "Memorable Employees"

Here we go again. The 4th Installment of #ThisIsChina Episode is back! Mike and Rico discusses and share their memorable experiences with different notorious "Chinese Employees". Some Funny, Ridiculous and even Scary. Let's Join in and Listen. Cheers!

Topics Incl:

Employee no.1 - The Scheming Employee

Employee no.2 - The Favourite Employee "the feminine"

Employee no.3 -The C.B.A Employee "The Lazy Gamer"

Employee no.4 - Roy A - "I Don't Give a Sh*t" Guy

Employee no.5 - Roy B - WTF!!! Drinking Beer While at Work!?!

Employee no.6 - Mr B -The Smoothest Talker

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Ep 58 - (Bonus Ep) #ThisisChina The Trilogy

The Trilogy to the #ThisIsChina #T.I.C series. In this bonus episode, Rico and ChinaMike continue talking about random stories and funny situations they experience in China while adapting to the social culture and it's business practices.

Topics incl:

  • Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai

  • Factory Tales

  • Rico watches Chinese Movies

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