Ep 119 - Rico's Rumination on 2016 and Life

In this Episode, We travel in Time and revisit Rico at the year of 2016, On a Time when SFA's Business has been positively progressing and how it has improved his lifestyle in a span of year as he achieved his Goals as a young Entrepreneur starting up SFA in China

Let’s have a listen.

Topics incl:

  • Rico’s Financial and business challenges in China

  • Business and lifestyle progress  

  • Entrepreneurial Lessons

  • The negatives of entrepreneurship

  • Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

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Ep 118 - Corporate Wellness in Hong Kong w/ Madison Ashley

In this week’s episode, In a Series of Interviews done while in HK, Rico chats with Madison Ashley, A female entrepreneur, who is involve with promoting wellness in a corporate setting through Balance Potential. She share her thoughts and views about having a certain balance and spirituality while being surrounded with toxic pressures of corporate life.

Let’s have a listen.

Topics incl:

  • Coming to Hong Kong

  • Getting into Events And Marketing with BRINK

  • Joining Balance Potential

  • Wellness in Corporate Life

  • Value of Instilling Culture within a Company

  • Being a Female Entrepreneur in the East vs West

  • Importance of a full Sleep

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Ep 117 - ChinaMike's First Trip to AFRICA (Lusaka, Zambia)

Few Months Back, Rico Invited Mike to his Homeland of Zambia. In This Episode, Mike Shares his Takeaways Visiting Africa for the First Time and the Experience of Getting an Inside Look at Rico's Roots.

Let's have a listen to the casual but interesting conversation.

Topics incl:

  • AFROBEAT Everywhere


  • Finesse Conciousness of the community

  • Mr Ngoma, Rico’s Dad

  • Consumer Culture in Zambia Vs China

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Ep 116 - Registering & Marketing An Internet Business in China to China w/ Jons Slemmer

In This week's episode, We welcome another Digital Entrepreneur Jons Slemmer. The new Host of ChinaBusinessCast, Who operates a Digital Marketing Consultancy from Chengdu. He shares his opinions and perspectives related to Marketing a brand Online while dealing with China's Strict Implementations and the Challenges for Foreigners to do start an Online Business. Let's Listen and Gather the Value Information.

Topics incl:

  • Choosing to Live in Chengdu

  • Hosting China BusinessCast

  • Red Star Consulting 

  • Challenges of foreign companies in China

  • Marketing to the Chinese Audience

  • Why creating apps are better than websites in China

  • Cost of Marketing in the country

  • Knowing the ICP license

  • Climate in doing online business in China

  • Misconceptions of foreigners about marketing to the Chinese

  • Implemented Regulations & Compliances

  • Business challenges in China

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Ep 115 - From Big Finance to Men's Yoga Shorts w/ Brutal Buddha

n this week’s episode, Rico chats with Roe And Evan from Brutal Buddha who started in big finance in Hong Kong but then share how they shifted and are now launching a men’s yoga pants brand. Let’s have a listen to these inspiring Entrepreneurs.

Topics incl:

  • How Roe and Evan came to HK 

  • What inspired the Entrepreneurship journey 

  • Starting Brutal Buddha 

  • Why The Yoga Niche 

  • Campaign Launch 

  • Customer Discovery

Resources Listed As Mentioned:

Source Find Asia Youtube Channel

Brutal Buddha Website

Tony Robbins Master The Game

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Man’s Search For Meaning Book

Shoe Dog Book

Alibaba The House That Jack Ma Build Book

Madison's Instagram

Brutal Buddha Facebook

Brutal Buddha Instagram

Brutal Buddha Calendly

Man Flow Yoga

Man Flow Yoga Youtube

Email: team@brutalbuddhagear.com

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Ep 114-Leveraging Amazon FBA To Live The 4 Hour Work Week Life w/ Riley Bennett

In this week’s Podcast, Rico speaks with Riley Bennett to learn about how he's built his successful Amazon FBA business to live the 4 Hour Week Life as a digital nomad. From Traveling and working whenever in whichever country he likes. Let’s have a listen to another inspiring Entrepreneur.

Topics incl:

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Ep 113 - Building A Completely Location Independent Team w/Gerard Nieuwenhuis

In this week’s episode, Rico chats with Gerard Nieuwenhuis. Gerard and Rico discuss Gerard’s journey that touches on many topics from how he discovered selling online to running his company remotely. Let’s have a listen to another inspiring Entrepreneur.

Topics incl:

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Ep 112 -Coming to Hong Kong Through Mainland w/ Nick Zieber @EnterChina

In this week’s episode, Rico chats with Nick Zieber of Enter China. Nick shares about how he discovered Asia and Hong Kong, along with talking about Enter China and what its all about. Let’s have a listen to another inspiring Entrepreneur.

Topics incl:

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Ep 111 - Building A Brand in China Through LinkedIn w/ Daniella Santana

In this week’s episode, Rico chats with the incredible Daniella Santana. She shares how she came to China, what kept her in China and how and why she found her purpose. Let’s have a listen to another inspiring Entrepreneur.

Topics incl:

  • Coming to China

  • Changes in Social Media in China

  • Sourcing in China

  • Networking

  • Finding purpose

  • Building a brand through Linkedin

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Ep 110 - From Canadian Oil Fields to E-Commerce in Hong Kong w/ Lorenzo Payman Part 2

For this week’s episode, we get to hear Part 2 of an interesting story about the journey of Lorenzo Payman. In part 2 he shares his thoughts on China, The importance of sales funnels and learning to say no. Let’s have a listen to another inspiring Entrepreneur.

Topics incl:

  • Building up events for Global From Asia

  • Increasing cost of living from HK to compared to GZ

  • Working with Global From Asia

  • Sales funnels

  • Business Success in China

  • Importance of saying no

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Ep 109 - Why & How Every Amazon FBA Seller Should Come to China in 2019

In this Episode, we listen to the conversation that Rico had with Mark Ramos A Amazon FBA veteran and Internet marketer. Here he chats with Rico about the importance of coming to China as an ecommerce seller in 2019 and the benefits of coming out and meeting suppliers, understanding the culture and tapping into the Chinese network.

Topics incl:

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Ep 108 - From Sweden to Learning by Doing it in China w Fredrik Gronkvist @ China Importal

In this episode, Rico talks to Fredrik Gronkvist of China Importal to talk about his journey from Sweden to China. Fredrik shares a lot of his experience and insights on how he made it in China and the the future of where he believes things we go. Let’s have a listen to another inspiring Entrepreneur.

topics incl:

-How he got started doing what he does
-How he came from Sweden to China
-Registering a company in China
-Learning by doing it in China
-Establishing systems in China Importal
-Staying relevant in the sourcing game
-How the trade war is affecting manufacturing
-Sourcing short falls of other countries VS China

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SFA's Webinar : 4 Steps To Find A High Quality Manufacturer

Rico will be hosting a free live webinar on August 15th at 8PM EST and August 16th 8AM EST on the “4 Steps to Find a High-Quality Manufacturer

Click here to sign up here before spots run out  

Learn what my company Source Find Asia, calls the SAFE method where we teach you to Search, Assess, Finalize and Elevate your manufacturing process.

  • The best source for finding RELIABLE factories in China. Knowing where to start is half the battle. We’ll put you square on the starting line and equip you with the tools to find a supplier you can count on.

  • Knowing which factory is the best fit for you and your business. Not all factories were created equal. Not all businesses were created equal. We show you how to find find the supplier that best fits YOUR needs.

  • The ins and outs of a factory visit. Stop stressing about what to look for to qualify your supplier. We will show you exactly what to look for on your factory visit and how to know if your factory is up to the challenge of taking on your product.

  • Our proven process for making a final decision. Commitment is difficult. We know. Don’t fret, let us show you everything you need to know to make the best-educated decision.

    Successful on-going management of your new supplier partnership. Now that you’ve tied the knot with your factory how do you keep everything in the honeymoon phase? Learn what we call the SAFE method where we  Search Assess Finalize and Elevate. 

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Ep 107 - From Canadian Oil Fields to E-Commerce in Hong Kong w/ Lorenzo Payman Part 1

For the week, we get to hear an Interesting Story about the Journey of Lorenzo Payman, A Good Pal of Rico. His adventures from working in corporate canada then to the Oilfields and then as a Football Coach will be shared. Let’s have a listen to another inspiring Entrepreneur.

Topics incl:

  • Getting laid off and Coming to China from Canada and Being one of the first to join Enter China

  • Elevator Life

  • Work as a Xray Inspector andr Difficult Conditions at the oilfield

  • Life after Oilfield back to Corporate Canada

  • Coaching Football in Hangzhou

  • Moving to Shenzhen and starting his Entrepreneurial Life

  • The early years of Enter China Community

  • Cheering on fellow Entrepreneurs "The world needs Entrepreneurs"

  • Organizing Football Camps

  • Getting Royal Treatment at Guangdong

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Ep 106 -Onboarding Our Content Dev Marketing Intern Luc Delannoy

Let’s get to know SFA’s Intern Luc Delannoy, an inspiring entrepreneur and future marketing expert. In this episode, Rico Interviews Luc to get a brief introduction and the reasons why he’s taking the opportunity to have an adventure business experience in China while learning from Rico and Mike.

Topics incl:

Discovering SFA

Family's Reaction of news about going to China

Expectations and the Language barrier

How Rico is as a Boss?

The Goal of being in China

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Ep 105 - Don't Get Sued! Be Wary of Borrowing Money in China

Today´s guest is John Graham Harper, an Australian entrepreneur who started out in the fitness industry in Shenzhen around 18 years ago.

We talk about why China was the perfect spot for adventurers, how to cater to the Chinese as well as the expat community and how to create a sports platform like White Collar Fight Night.

It´s a very interesting interview where John shares some of the mistakes he made and tips on how to avoid them.

Topics incl:

  • Coming to china and Unexpectedly Staying

  • Feeling invincible back in the day

  • White Collar Fight Night

  • Early Mistakes and what it takes to build a Gym Business

  • Gym Businesses functions on Debts

  • Conflict with the Lender

  • China's Justice System 

  • Getting Sued, a common issue.

  • Tips on how to deal with legal issues

  • Crowd funding for a Lawyer

  • Foreigners are at a disadvantage when battling a case

  • China's Still a Land of Opportunity

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Ep 104 - Canton Fair - Things You MUST Do Outside of The Fair

Here is another repost from our SFA Youtube Channel Rico Advices on tips with. what other productive things you can do outside Canton Fair?

Topics incl:

  • Duration of your stay

  • Picking a spot where you can do things outside the Fair

  • Communicating with suppliers a month beforehand

  • Research on Meet-ups

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Ep 103 - Building Sustainable Fashion Wear in China w Felipe Arias CEO @ I Too

In this Episode, we listen to the conversation that Rico had with Felipe Arias, CEO of Itoo, who was a guest on episode 92. Here, he gives a more in depth view of the Fast Fashion and building sustainability within the Industry.

Topics incl:

  • How Fashion Industry Affects the Environment

  • Sustainability in China

  • Corruption in the Industry

  • Advance Technology for Sustainability 

  • Polyester Recycables  

  • Sustainablity in Fashion is Expensive

  • Implementing Safety in the Factories

  • Organic Farming

  • Trust and Transparency

  • Lack of Workers in the Factory

  • Sourcing from India and Vietnam 

  • Fast Fashion

  • Made in China vs Made in Italy

  • H&M and Zara

  • Marketing, YG Media

  • Selling in Canton Fair

  • Digital Marketing in China

  • Trips with the Europe Crew

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Ep 102 - Product Development with Don Wilder - The Sourcing Table

This week's podcast we have a repost from the sourcing table. Mike sits down with his Buddy Don Wilder, a product developer, to share about his experiences developing a product in China and creating a successful crowd funding campaign.

Topics Incl:

  • Starting with product developing and crowdfunding

  • Is it Necessary to be in China when developing products?

  • Obstacles doing business in China

  • How crowd funding has changed 

  • Being specific with your customer profile/ targeting your niche market

  • Developing a new table top game

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Ep 101 - How to Conduct Yourself in a Chinese Factory Meeting

In this episode, which was originally released on Youtube. Rico gives us tips on how to conduct yourself in a meeting with the Factory Bosses or Sales person  while hanging out in Nantong.

Topics Incl:

  • What to expect from the First Meeting

  • Price Negotiating Tactics

  • The Unassuming Boss

  • Be respectful of the Factory

  • Researching the price range before the meeting

  • Do not make empty promises

  • Don’t be too aggressive

  • Be specific with details

  • Take advantage of the dinner with the Bosses.

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