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Ep 50 - Rico & ChinaMike's Top 5 Episodes

Happy 2018 & Happy Anniversary Made in China Podcast! Episode 50!

This time you will have a chance to hear Rico’s and ChinaMike’s choices for their top 5 episodes of the Made in China Podcast (Rico cheated with "honorable mentions"). You will hear what was the most fun for them, from whom they learned a lot and how their have guests affected their business and lives. Enjoy!

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Ep 43 - Finding Your Why w/ Nick Ramil Founder @ Part 1

In this two part interview Rico talks with Nick Ramil founder of Enter China and founding team member of Nick is one of Rico's China business mentors and one of the main reasons why he moved to China.

Topics Incl:

  • Who is Nick Ramil and why he is so awesome?
  • The Elevator Life and Enter China community.
  • Why Rico stepped down as a partner in Enter China?
  • Helping people and giving back through entrepreneurship.
  • Why run an IoT business in Hong Kong?
  • Focus on optimizing your main business before diversifying revenue.
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Ep 40 - Making $15k A Month PROFIT through Amazon FBA w/ Nick Nerov

In this episode Nick Nerov, a big time Amazon FBA player making 5 figures a month in profit (USD) selling on the platform - will share pearls of wisdom with Rico and his listeners. These two good friends will share advice, laughs and experience.

Topics Incl:

  • The Spirit of the Entrepreneur
  • First steps to get on Amazon.
  • Bro-Hands...
  • What do when the FBA goldrush ends
  • The nuts and bolts of business growth
  • Importance of good suppliers
  • Praising Rico!!!
  • Rico EXPOSED!!!
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