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Ep 52 - Traveling in Yangshuo County, Guanxi

In this episode Rico and Nick travel to Yangshou, a scenic mountain town with a lot of history.
Yangshuo lies to the southeast of Guilin and in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Since being introduced by 'Lonely Planet' in 1980, it greets an increasing number of visitors annually.

Topics Incl:

* "Bangers and Mash"

* Smelly blankets and other bus adventures.

* Prices in Yangshou

* Rico Approved food places

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Ep 51 - Advantages of Investing Time in China Now w/ Nick Nerov

On a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, Nick Nerov, a rapidly expanding Amazon FBA player - shares him experiences globe trotting and explains his decision to move to China to kick his FBA business into 5th gear.

Topics Inc.

* The benefits of investing (time) in China in 2018

* Doing business in China just takes longer, be patient

* How being on the ground makes your a priority to suppliers

* Some of the "fuckery" that goes on behind the scenes

* Learning from people A few steps ahead of you

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Ep 49 - Rico & Noam Catch Up

Rico and Noam strike again! In this episode, two old friends recap the period since their last podcast. They talk about business, vacations, health and life in Thailand/China.

Topics Incl:

*Rico & Noam's Company Updates

*When You Should Get A China Business Licence

*Revenue Growth

*Post-vacation Productivity

*The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster Ride

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Ep 47 - Registering a Company in Mainland China - Should You Do It

In this weeks episode, Rico does an in-depth analysis of the processes required in registering your company in China. He talks pros and cons and reveals a few pro tips to make your business life
in China much easier.

Topics inc.

  • How and where to register your company.
  • When to open office in Mainland China vs Hong Kong.
  • Tips on taxes and banking.
  • Personnel (positions you need) 
  • Registration costs (including bank balance requirements)
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Ep 40 - Making $15k A Month PROFIT through Amazon FBA w/ Nick Nerov

In this episode Nick Nerov, a big time Amazon FBA player making 5 figures a month in profit (USD) selling on the platform - will share pearls of wisdom with Rico and his listeners. These two good friends will share advice, laughs and experience.

Topics Incl:

  • The Spirit of the Entrepreneur
  • First steps to get on Amazon.
  • Bro-Hands...
  • What do when the FBA goldrush ends
  • The nuts and bolts of business growth
  • Importance of good suppliers
  • Praising Rico!!!
  • Rico EXPOSED!!!
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Ep 24 - A 6 Month of Review of The Podcast

In this short but sweet episode ChinaMike and Rico broke down their favourite Made in China Podcast episodes from the first 6 months of podcast (at the time of the recording).

All podcast episodes mentioned are listed in the resources.

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Ep 14 - Author, Amazon FBA Expert, Electronics Sourcing Guru - Manuel Becvar from

One of best interviews we've done thus far on the podcast. Manuel Becvar is a renaissance man based out of Hong Kong & Bangkok, with over 10 years of experience sourcing electronics in China and two successful companies. He took us to school on topics such as:

  • Why he never took the leap from Hong Kong to mainland China
  • The sourcing skills he's mastered through his electronics trading company Mandarin-Gear and translating those into a successful Amazon FBA Coaching venture called ImportDojo
  • If Amazon will try to kill the competition and take all the knowledge/skills learnt from it's sellers
  • When an FBA seller should consider shipping via Air vs Sea
  • His FBA launch process and favourite marketing tactics
  • What the main differences are between Alibaba & Global Sources
  • The importance of networking and giving value without expecting anything return
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Ep 10 - Starting an Amazon FBA Business & How Being in China Will Save Your Butt (With Zam Tual)

Rico sat down with Zam Tual, a successful Amazon FBA Seller, to break down the benefits of being based in China while setting up your Amazon FBA business. Topics covered incl:

  • Zam's process of identifying the best selling products on FBA
  • The must have apps for any FBA seller
  • His first product failures and how he's launched 2 highly profitable products since
  • The  #1 FREE resource that will teach you how to build, launch and sustain a successful FBA business
  • What level of customization he's doing and how it takes his product quality to the next level
  • The future of FBA and how to stay relevant in a saturated market
  • How being in or having connections in China has saved Zam's ass on numerous occasions
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