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Ep 46 - Our Marketing Intern/Aspriring Entrepreneur - Marcello

In this episode Rico interviews his marketing intern Marcello Di Pierro, aspiring entrepenur and future marketing expert.

Topics Incl:

  • Why China?
  • How did he came across Rico?
  • "Oh Fuck it! I`m going to China!"
  • First weeks in the office
  • The power of video
  • Plans for the future
  • What changes moving to another country brings
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Ep 41 - (Bonus) 4S1F39 Four Seas One Family Podcast - Rico Interview

"Lower your expectations so you can get results that you want in China," is one of the most memorable quotes from Rico's first ever turn as a podcast interviewee. 

In this special episode (originally posted by the Four Seas One Family Podcast) you'll get to learn a bit more about the personal elements throughout Rico's life - that led him to leave the comforts of Canada and head to China: 

Topics Incl:

  • Rico's preference of PS3 over exploration on his first trip to Guangzhou
  • How entrepreneurship is part of his DNA
  • The differences between "American" Chinese Food & ACTUAL Chinese food
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