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Ep 47 - Registering a Company in Mainland China - Should You Do It

In this weeks episode, Rico does an in-depth analysis of the processes required in registering your company in China. He talks pros and cons and reveals a few pro tips to make your business life
in China much easier.

Topics inc.

  • How and where to register your company.
  • When to open office in Mainland China vs Hong Kong.
  • Tips on taxes and banking.
  • Personnel (positions you need) 
  • Registration costs (including bank balance requirements)
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Ep 36 - 2016 Goals vs 2017 Goals

In this episode ChinaMike & Rico dig deep to share their successes, FAILURES from 2016, what they learnt and their goals for 2017.

Goals Incl:

  • Content Schedule! (Yes, the podcast will be more consistent!)
  • Financial Targets
  • Cohesion Between Multiple Businesses
  • Ambitious Fitness Goals
  • Potential Internships
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Ep 35 - Leveraging High Paying Jobs in China While Starting a Business (w/ Nick Lenczewski)

In this episode we interviewed Nick Lenczewski (Len-chess-key)  the author of Ultimate China Guide: How to Teach English, Travel, Learn Chinese & Find Work in China. He writes books and makes movies to help people discover the incredible life that living and traveling in China brings. Made in China Podcast listeners can download the first 30 pages of Ultimate China Guide for free here.

Topics Incl:

  • Eating Chicken Feet at  7 / 11
  • Going from 0 words to being a medical translator of Mandarin to English
  • How he found and now helps foreigners find non-teaching jobs in China
  • Opening his own English teaching school in China
  • Dating and being treated like a celebrity in China
  • Getting a Chinese Driver's License 
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