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Ep 50 - Rico & ChinaMike's Top 5 Episodes

Happy 2018 & Happy Anniversary Made in China Podcast! Episode 50!

This time you will have a chance to hear Rico’s and ChinaMike’s choices for their top 5 episodes of the Made in China Podcast (Rico cheated with "honorable mentions"). You will hear what was the most fun for them, from whom they learned a lot and how their have guests affected their business and lives. Enjoy!

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Ep 47 - Registering a Company in Mainland China - Should You Do It

In this weeks episode, Rico does an in-depth analysis of the processes required in registering your company in China. He talks pros and cons and reveals a few pro tips to make your business life
in China much easier.

Topics inc.

  • How and where to register your company.
  • When to open office in Mainland China vs Hong Kong.
  • Tips on taxes and banking.
  • Personnel (positions you need) 
  • Registration costs (including bank balance requirements)
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Ep 46 - Our Marketing Intern/Aspriring Entrepreneur - Marcello

In this episode Rico interviews his marketing intern Marcello Di Pierro, aspiring entrepenur and future marketing expert.

Topics Incl:

  • Why China?
  • How did he came across Rico?
  • "Oh Fuck it! I`m going to China!"
  • First weeks in the office
  • The power of video
  • Plans for the future
  • What changes moving to another country brings
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Ep 44 - Finding Your Why w/ Nick Ramil Founder @ Part 2

Second part of our interview with Nick Ramil, founder of Enter China and founding team member of

Topics incl:

  • Why Rico stepped down from Enter China
  • How to start networking in China
  • 4 pillars of entrepreneurship mindset
  • Reading people as a life skill
  • "To do Lists and MUST Do Lists"
  • Visualisation and Affirmation techniques
  • Journaling and Role Models
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Ep 43 - Finding Your Why w/ Nick Ramil Founder @ Part 1

In this two part interview Rico talks with Nick Ramil founder of Enter China and founding team member of Nick is one of Rico's China business mentors and one of the main reasons why he moved to China.

Topics Incl:

  • Who is Nick Ramil and why he is so awesome?
  • The Elevator Life and Enter China community.
  • Why Rico stepped down as a partner in Enter China?
  • Helping people and giving back through entrepreneurship.
  • Why run an IoT business in Hong Kong?
  • Focus on optimizing your main business before diversifying revenue.
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Ep 38 - Do Contracts Matter in China? w/ Andy Church, Insight Quality

This episode was inspired by an article I wrote for Enter China called "Do Contracts Matter in China?" I actually interviewed Andy Church (a 15 year China vet) for that article but, ultimately felt that he had so much more to knowledge to share than what ended up in the article.

Topics Incl:

  • When you should have contracts in place
  • What info should be listed in the contracts
  • What can go wrong
  • How enforceable the contracts are
  • The common mistakes buyers make when it comes to contracts in China.
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Ep 37 - Over $10K in 14 Days on Kickstarter, Heather Shuster Returns

In this historical episode, Rico spoke with Heather Shuster (the podcast's first ever return guest) about her successful and ongoing (as of April 6th, 2017) OLLI Fair Trade Rubber Flip-Flip Kickstarter campaign.  

Topics Incl:

  • The importance of pre-campaign prep work.
  • How they secured her first $3k in sales prior to the campaign.
  • One clever hack OLLI is using to speed up her shipping process.
  • How Holly Shuster's duck face game fairs on Instagram
  • Now that she's got the money, what's up next for her business?
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Ep 33 - First Year in China Lessons

In our first episode of 2017 (which was recorded in 2016), Rico sat down with Harrison Bevins - whom you might remember from Ep 19 Inside Rico's Private Mastermind  - to discuss what life lessons you might learn in your first year in the wild wild East.

Topics Incl:

  • Getting over cold stares and being shoved in and out of elevators
  • The strategies we used to settle into life in China
  • Living in Taipei for comfort vs Guangzhou for hustle
  • Why no one concurs China in a year
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Ep 31 - Meeting Two New Friends A Week w/ Heather Shuster

In one of my (Rico) favourite episodes I sat down with Co-Founder of Olli and Enter China member Heather Shuster (also known as Indiana Jones in the community) about her journey sourcing from Sri Lanka and manufacturing fair trade rubber footwear in China:

Topics Incl:

  • Her journey to China
  • Why she chose to go out searching rubber plantations in Sri Lanka
  • Being called "Mr. Shuster"
  • Making the decision to meet two new friends a week for self-improvement
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