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Ep 37 - Over $10K in 14 Days on Kickstarter, Heather Shuster Returns

In this historical episode, Rico spoke with Heather Shuster (the podcast's first ever return guest) about her successful and ongoing (as of April 6th, 2017) OLLI Fair Trade Rubber Flip-Flip Kickstarter campaign.  

Topics Incl:

  • The importance of pre-campaign prep work.
  • How they secured her first $3k in sales prior to the campaign.
  • One clever hack OLLI is using to speed up her shipping process.
  • How Holly Shuster's duck face game fairs on Instagram
  • Now that she's got the money, what's up next for her business?
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Ep 31 - Meeting Two New Friends A Week w/ Heather Shuster

In one of my (Rico) favourite episodes I sat down with Co-Founder of Olli and Enter China member Heather Shuster (also known as Indiana Jones in the community) about her journey sourcing from Sri Lanka and manufacturing fair trade rubber footwear in China:

Topics Incl:

  • Her journey to China
  • Why she chose to go out searching rubber plantations in Sri Lanka
  • Being called "Mr. Shuster"
  • Making the decision to meet two new friends a week for self-improvement
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Ep 23 - EC Success Stories - Over $400K Raised, 2 Kickstarter Campaigns (with Winson Tam)

ChinaMike, Rico & Winson Tam Skyped in from Chicago, Guangzhou & Shenzhen to talk about Winson's insane Ruggie Kickstarter and his previous All Season Sweats campaign which have raised over $400,000 CAD.

Topics Include:

  • Why you should drop a product even after a successful campaign
  • How to launch a bootstrapped campaign by offering a % of the raised funds
  • Why the "Law of Attraction" isn't just some woo woo bullsh*t
  • How Winson leveraged a hometown relationship to get featured on MAJOR news outlets like The Huffington Post
  • The 2 must read books for your basic marketing knowledge when outsourcing your campaign
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Ep 13 - 100% Funded in 48 Hours Kickstarter - Wood MacBook Skins with

Rico Skyped with the Boys, Pieter Van Moll & Freek Gielen, about their 200% funded Kickstarter campaign. Their campaign ends in 2 days and their slogan is simple and catchy, "A Wooden Back For Your Mac" but the unique selling point isn't doesn't end there. Topics Include.

  • The strategy that got them 100% funded within 2 days of launching the campaign
  • Why they chose to manufacture in the UK rather than China
  • How Freek used his design skills to make a MacBook everyone adores
  • One of THE BEST ways to get influencers, tastemakers & major publications to pay attention to your campaign
  • How they plan on scaling their business via a drop shipping business model
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