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Ep 38 - Do Contracts Matter in China? w/ Andy Church, Insight Quality

This episode was inspired by an article I wrote for Enter China called "Do Contracts Matter in China?" I actually interviewed Andy Church (a 15 year China vet) for that article but, ultimately felt that he had so much more to knowledge to share than what ended up in the article.

Topics Incl:

  • When you should have contracts in place
  • What info should be listed in the contracts
  • What can go wrong
  • How enforceable the contracts are
  • The common mistakes buyers make when it comes to contracts in China.
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Ep 29 - Quality Control 101 in China Manufacturing w/ Renaud Anjoran (

After a bit of a hiatus we're back with a strong episode! We spoke to Renaud Anjoran owner operator of a quality control inspection company in Southern China.

Topics Incl:

  • The most common misconceptions about quality control
  • Can you trust your supplier's internal QC department?
  • What the hell are Acceptable Quality Control Limit Levels?
  • Prevention methods for quality control
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