Ep 23 - EC Success Stories - Over $400K Raised, 2 Kickstarter Campaigns (with Winson Tam)

ChinaMike, Rico & Winson Tam Skyped in from Chicago, Guangzhou & Shenzhen to talk about Winson's insane Ruggie Kickstarter and his previous All Season Sweats campaign which have raised over $400,000 CAD.

Topics Include:

  • Why you should drop a product even after a successful campaign
  • How to launch a bootstrapped campaign by offering a % of the raised funds
  • Why the "Law of Attraction" isn't just some woo woo bullsh*t
  • How Winson leveraged a hometown relationship to get featured on MAJOR news outlets like The Huffington Post
  • The 2 must read books for your basic marketing knowledge when outsourcing your campaign