Ep 97 - #ThisisChina 4 "Memorable Employees"

Here we go again. The 4th Installment of #ThisIsChina Episode is back! Mike and Rico discusses and share their memorable experiences with different notorious "Chinese Employees". Some Funny, Ridiculous and even Scary. Let's Join in and Listen. Cheers!

Topics Incl:

Employee no.1 - The Scheming Employee

Employee no.2 - The Favourite Employee "the feminine"

Employee no.3 -The C.B.A Employee "The Lazy Gamer"

Employee no.4 - Roy A - "I Don't Give a Sh*t" Guy

Employee no.5 - Roy B - WTF!!! Drinking Beer While at Work!?!

Employee no.6 - Mr B -The Smoothest Talker