Ep 94 - Original Design Management 2 Year Retrospective w ProdigyGame Part 2

Continuing on the Podcast, We have the 2nd of 3 episodes with Bryan Paratian  who was Lead Hardware Developer of ProdigyGame, An Educational Technology Company, which so happened to be the company that baptized Rico as his first Clients. Here they revisit their initial experiences that came with challenges they had to endure in order to have an Original Design Successfully Manufactured. On this sequel, they broke down the work flow  of the process that took 6 months to a year for “BIG HEX’s” completion. 

Topics incl:

  • The issue with the team they were working with before finding the right personnel.

  • The problems with the first molding

  • Reaction to Kids Reviewing Big Hex on Youtube

  • Having the manufacturer guide you on the Financial and Quality Side

  • THE RELIEF of releasing BIG HEX after a year then manufacturing 4 more toys later.

  • Customer Lifetime Value 

  • The Workflow of the Process, From it’s beginning to it’s end

  • Don't ignore the packaging!

  • Having the contract written in Chinese and English

  • Preproduction Development

  • The Chinese way of business Comparing to North America

  • Negotiation; the most intense process

  • Revising the production

  • Proceeding with the 2nd batch

  • Hiring a QC Team