Ep 95 - Original Design Management 2 Year Retrospective w ProdigyGame Part 3

In this last part of our 3 hour long special podcast, Bryan and Rico Broke Down the workflow even further up to the 3rd production run. An episode that can help bring knowledge of what to expect when Sourcing for an Original Design. It was a Unique Experience especially having to produce 5 existing toys and simultaneously  designing another 4 more. We will also get to know what advantages there are when Coming to China vs Working Remotely.

Topics incl:

  • Implementing QC

  • Being Detailed but not too specific on Instructions

  • Having a toy facing the wrong way

  • F.R.I -Final Random Inspection

  • Translating Western English "Idioms" to Chinese English

  • Designing a new toy after BIG HEX

  • The Difference of manufacturing a new toy vs Big Hex

  • When Factory Increase Per unit  Cost

  • How The relationship Progessed Between ProdigyGame and SFA as they were growing respectively.

  • Coming to China for the First Time after Working remotely for 2 years

  • The progress of Prodigygame during the 2 year process of Manufacturing

  • Revenue from Toys Vs Revenue from Softwares

  • Observation on SFA during the 2 1/2 years as it Grew.