Ep 93 - Original Design Management 2 Year Retrospective w ProdigyGame Part 1

This week on the Podcast, We have the 1st of 3 episodes with Bryan Paratian who was Lead Hardware Developer of ProdigyGame, An Educational Technology Company, which so happened to be the company that baptized Rico as his first Clients. Here they revisit their initial experiences that came with challenges they had to endure in order to have an Original Design Successfully Manufactured.

Topics incl:

  • Changing Roles at ProdigyGame

  • Using Stress Sensors to Evaluate Gaming Experience

  • Hiring Freelance 3d artist on Behance

  • Sourcing from Alibaba

  • Finding the right suppliers

  • Data Science to help with analysis

  • Deciding to get help from Rico

  • Screening  a company online is not enough

  • What SFA brought to the table

  • MOLDING Failed