Ep 92 - Exporting in China since 19 with Felipe Arias @ Park Hyatt

In This Video Cast Episode, Rico sits down with Felipe Arias, who mainly deals with Fashion and started his entrepreneurship in China since he was 19. Here he goes in depth about Fast Fashion, sourcing from different Regions and the tricks of the trade in the Fashion world.

Topics incl:

  • Felipe's Beginning as an Young Entrepreneur

  • The learning process provided by China

  • The Mom's Influence on his Entrepreneur Blood

  • Fashion is not Something that you go to school and learn about. "Identifying the End Consumer"

  • Knowing the Regional Taste for Women

  • Early Mistakes and the Recovery after

  • Patience is a trait you need to run a business.

  • Building a team in China: Providing a good working environment

  • Being prepared for whats coming

  • Be Updated with the Technology of production