Ep 91 - Marketing in China & FBA with Mark Ramos

Welcoming in our Podcast is Mark Ramos,  A Veteran FBA Amazon and Internet marketer. Here he chats with Rico, who he will be collaborating with in Future Projects. Talks about his experience living in Guangzhou before it emerged to what it is now and how he loves being the guy behind the scenes organizing business seminars and networking events.

Topics incl:

  • Coming to China

  • The Emergence of Internet Marketing

  • Guangzhou, China in 2006

  • Introducing the concept of Internet Marketing to Chinese Clients and Factories at the Beginning

  • China's Control of the Internet

  • Maintaining Success

  • Selling in Amazon Then vs Now; Amazon Explosion on 2016

  • "Finding your focus as an entrepreneur"

  • Having a Chinese business partner and The strategy of presenting to clients as a foreigner

  • Consulting; Being in the country and present to the Factories is a benefit when sourcing

  • Networking in the Seminars

  • Build a Brand and an Audience First

  • Online Courses: Are they necessary for your business growth?

  • Black Cat Tactics that Chinese sellers employ

  • Having membership and maintaining monthly continuity

  • Future Plans for his Business in China

  • Bringing back Cross Border Summit in Guanzhou

  • Being Behind the Scenes

  • 10 years in Guangzhou, Observation of Influx of Entrepreneurship