Ep 90 - A "Non-Digital Nomad Family" in SEA w/ Michael Michelini

In this Episode Rico caught up with Michael Michelini, who you know from China Business Cast, Global From Asia and the Organizer of Cross Border Summit. A Dadpreneur, He now lives in Chiangmai and he shares the experience of living in a more relaxed environment compared to China’s Hustle and Bustle Life, Letting Go of China Business Cast and Transitioning to life in Chiangmai especially now that his children made an impact with his priorities and approach to life. Enjoy the episode.

Topics incl:

  • Selling China Business Cast

  • Finding a Replacement and Listeners Reaction

  • Life in Chiangmai, Level of Entrepreneurship compared to China

  • Family Life 

  • Meet Ups in Chiangmai

  • Manila Vs Chiangmai

  • Education, A priority and a Factor in Choosing where you live

  • Cross Border Summit Columbia

  • Shenzen

  • Doing the Youtube, Podcast and Blogging