Ep 18 - Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Author and China Business Expert Michael Michelini

Another epic!

Rico interviewed Michael Michelini a serial tech entrepreneur/author/american Internet dude - based in Shenzhen, China. Michael's list of achievements include consulting for companies like Cisco Systems, Tencent and AllRecipes.com to name a few, running 2 successful podcasts (China Business Cast & Global From Asia) and co-founding multiple tech startups over his 9 years in China.

Topics covered in this episode incl:

  • Shenzhen vs Silicon Valley
  • His involvement in bringing the first Startup Weekend Event to Shenzhen
  • Why the average budding entrepreneur may get rejected by an HK Bank in recent times

  • His moment of rebellion against the judges at 36 Kr (Chinese Techcrunch) and how he got the crowd on his side

  • Why being too much of a friend can hurt your relationships with your staff in China

  • Balancing multiple businesses while being married with 2 young kids

  • How try as they might, governments can’t restrict global entrepreneurship and digital nomads because of the internet