Ep 81 - How to Meet High Level Contacts in Hong Kong

A back to back episode with Alan Scanlan at the Pullman Hotel in HK. Let's talk about building connections in Hong Kong. One of the places where you can meet some of the most successful people. Let's find out some tips on how you can meet those people so you can do business more effectively.

Topics Includes:

  • The advantages of Moving and Living in HK, 

  • Making a lot of connections in HK

  • Supportive Expat Community 

  • Joining Networking events such as Invest HK*

  • Banking in China

  • Email Inbox Organization

  • Working on weekends and holidays

  • Living in mainland China vs HK

  • Handling distractions while trying to focus on Work Goals

  • Dealings of a Boss: Making it Work for your staff as well