Ep 82 - China Then and China Now

For this week’s episode, Rico and ChinaMike or now known as ChiangMike, Hangs out yet again to share each other’s observations of China’s rapid development through their respective duration of time spent living in the country.

Topics Includes:

  • The Sourcing Table Meet Ups

  • The Changes in China from 2008 to it’s Present

  • The Government has tighten up

  • The Decreasing Quality of Food as the Cost of living Increases.

  • Nantong, A City that’s much cheaper then it’s neigbouring Cities.

  • Old School Sourcing vs Present Day Sourcing

  • China being the first to develop the apps

  • Pollution is getting better

  • More Businesses being established.

  • The Challenges retaining workers/ and dealing with the minimum wage hike

  • How Different this generation of workers compared to it's predecessors