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Ep 74 - Black Panther in China Movie Review Part 2

This week we continue to listen to Rico and Nick’s Critique on Black Panther and other topics about the MCU Characters and it’s Rival, DC Comics.

Topics Includes:

  • Marvel VS DC

  • Bucky's Story

  • Captain America's the ladies Man and The Ironman Scandal

  • Asian Superhero?

  • Marvel's renting their superheroes to other movie studios

  • Captain Canada and Deadpool

  • Marvel movies inspiring the real life superheroes of the future

  • Rating Top 3 Marvel Movies

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Ep 73 - Black Panther in China Movie Review Part 1

Enough Business talk! This week we are releasing an old Podcast that didn't get released until now. Nick Nerov joins Rico in this 2 parts podcasts to review Marvel's Black Panther that was released on China's Movie Theatres. They became movie critics in this episode and give their own observations and perspectives as well as sharing each of their favorite experiences of the movie.

Topics Includes:

  • Marvel Superhero Characters are still new to the Chinese Audience

  • Rico is being compared to Obama

  • Chinese's peception of a black man

  • Unassuming Africa's rich economic countries

  • Nick's and Rico's Favorite part of the movie

  • Rooting and being emotional for the Villain

  • Immigration issue parallelism 

  • Superb Fight Scenes

  • Favorite supporting actor/ actress

  • Intrigued by Wakanda

  • Strong Females, Gender Equality properly portrayed in the movie

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