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Ep 34 - (Bonus Episode) #ThisIsChina

A short episode where Rico and Mike remind us of that good old #T.I.C., "This Is China." The guys discuss some of the off the wall situations they find themselves in living and working in the Middle Country (Zhong Guo).

Stay tuned for:

* Sights and sounds of a Chinese gym

* The Smokehouse aka the office bathroom

* Donnie Does China

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Ep 22 - (Bonus Episode) The Canton Fair - How To Maximize Your Visit

In another short and packed bonus episode ChinaMike & Rico broke down some gems and a few hacks to help you maximize your Canton Fair visit.

Tips include:

  • How to easily register, avoid lining up with 1,000s of people and get your badge
  • Accommodation tips you won't find from a Google search
  • Some of the best places to eat and meet foreigners and locals
  • Why you shouldn't take a quote you get at the fair at face value
  • The best ways to come across as sourcing pro when communicating with suppliers
  • What type of suppliers to expect and which phase is best for you
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