Ep 9 - Ask ChinaMike & Rico Session #1 - Sourcing in China Q&A

In this episode we answer your questions regarding everything from sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and trading. Be prepared for some knowledge bombs as Rico and ChinaMike get on a Trans-Pacific call to address some of the following:

  • Getting your Chinese factory to provide you a warranty, particularly for electronic products

  • The best way to communicate with your supplier after they’ve done something wrong

  • How to go about structuring your pricing if you’re getting started in sourcing business

  • Dealing with traders vs. manufacturers and how much more the traders actually mark up the products

  • The 3 cardinal rules you need to know before you start importing to, or from, Asia

  • The main differences between importing to Asia vs. from Asia

  • All the essential sourcing and shipping acronyms explained

  • Alibaba and AliExpress - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly