Ep 8 - The Hands Down Best Way to Validate Your Business Ideas (with Ryan Mulvihill)

Tune in as we interview Ryan Mulvihill, an online entrepreneur who’s recently successfully launched his first book “Startup Idea Action Plan", which is currently beating some of the bestsellers such as Elon Musk’s biography and The Lean Startup! Here’s what to expect:

  • How to take the principles taught in courses like The Foundation and apply them to any kind of business
  • Why validating your product via B2B is so much easier than via B2C
  • The number one (silly) thing that stops most people from validating their business ideas
  • The foolproof method of getting your business idea validated before you make any significant time and money investments (this is also the cheapest method possible)
  • How to get your first 20-30 customers literally out of thin air
  • How to use Ryan’s techniques for physical product validation (do this before you decide to source and design a product in China)
  • How Ryan’s friends have avoided spending thousands of dollars on products that wouldn’t have much of a success
  • The best ways to get over the fear of cold calling
  • How to warm up your leads and keep them engaged (yes, it can be automated)
  • Why sounding like an asshole will get you past gatekeepers on the phone
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