Ep 87 - 2018 Goals vs 2019 Goals

In this episode, Rico checks in with Chinamike to talk about their yearly goals, for the business or personal growth. Discussion was made about the success and failures for 2018 then after they shared what they aim to reach this 2019.

Topics incl:

Summary of Rico's year and 2018 goals

  • Profitable year High Revenue but high expenses

  • Being in debt and getting out of it

  • Getting sued by an ex employee

1st goal Maximizing work with a small team (Failed)

2nd goal: Releasing an episode a week on podcast  and  youtube Videos (Success) 

500 subs & 1k Youtube subs in 6months (failed)

3rd goal - muscle up and  14% Body Fat (Success)

Grade: B

Summary of Mike's year and 2018 goals

Reading books (Failed)

Reaching the Timeline of the sales goal with the lifestyle brand (Failed)

Being more social! (SUCCESS)

2019 GOALS

Rico's 2019 Goals

  1. 20% increase of sales revenue 7% increase of profit : Controlling the expenses

  2. Social Media Goals/ youtube video goals

  3. Get an intern

  4. Youtube ads to result in 5 figure revenue

  5. Revamping the website

  6. Organizing Meet Ups 

  7. Batman goals : Stay in the Philippines concurrently; and learn MMA

Mike's 2019 Goals 

  1. Audio Books

  2. Getting to Africa

  3. Meditation, Wellness retreat

  4. Getting quality Interviews on the podcast

  5. Social up!

  6. Running a successful meetup.