Ep 88 - Manila and Wildball During Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Chinese New Year in China is a Time where everything goes on a Break. In this Episode, Our Boys Rico and ChinaMike shares what they did during the Holiday. Rico spent his work Vacation in Manila, While Mike Traveled with his China Wild Ball Tour to different villages to provide basketball entertainment to celebrate the festivities.

Topics incl:

  • The Feeling of Coming back to  China after a long Vacation in Manila

  • The Type of entrepreneurs in Manila

  • Party life in Manila, 1/10 the expenses in HK

  • President Duterte and the Drug Situation

  • Manila's Bad Traffic and Island Time

  • China Wildball Basketball Tour

  • Travelling Situations to the Villages on the last Minute

  • Locals awkwardly following the Basketball Players