Ep 85 - 3rd Year in China Lessons & Transitioning Out of China

For this week, Rico and Harrison connected at the Refined, Manila to talk about the lessons they learned after 3 years in China. They give their very own perspectives about how different individuals particularly expats decide to stay or while some others like themselves eventually leave even if they have their businesses connected in China.

Topics Includes:

  • Transitioning from living in to leaving China 

  • "Lifestlye creep"

  • Price hike in China

  • Why some guys stay longer

  •  "Health Issues" a reason for leaving

  • Business lesson learned by the 3rd year in China

  • The advantages of being in China while doing FBA Amazon Retailing

  • Anxieties about transitioning out.

  • Present tools such as podcasts and youtube channels to help expats in China.

  • Finding the right Supplier for your Amazon business

  • "analysis paralysis" - Figure the first step and then go on from there.

  • Guru Courses are unnecessary expenses