Ep 68 - Evolving your Business with Mark O' Connell Part 1

Over the years, Technological Advancement has progressed rapidly and has affected everyone including how you run your business system, from sharing files using floppy disks to sending files on the email. In this part 1 of 2 episodes, We have Mark O' Connell who has had a printing business since the 90s to share his overview of the transition to the digital age and how he had to adapt his business according to times.

Topics incl:

  • Starting the business during the 90s and to how it is now.

  • His Definition of an Entrepreneur

  • How digital changed his Printing Business "Innovating through the times"

  • From trading to Sourcing

  • Language barrier - Dealing with the chinese trading companies

  • "You make your own luck"

  • Shipping and Border Control