Ep 67 - Over $1 Million in 45 days - The Bento Bag Indiegogo Campaign w/ Kish

A Fascinating story we have in this podcast episode, Rico gets to Interview good friend, Kish, Who together with his wife founded Nomad Lane. He graciously shared their success stories and how they were able to gather $1,000,000.00 in 45 days through crowdfunding with their indiegogo campaign as well as the challenges and strategies they had to endure along the way.

Topics incl:

  • Start in E-Commerce

  • Each partner's role using their respective skills and training 

  • Enter China Community

  • CrowdFunding

  • The Fast Company Article and how it made an impact.

  • Maximize Maximize Maximize

  • “Try to be something to Someone”

  • Canton Fair

  • Tips and Advices based from Experiences

    • Being Cautious

    • Do not Deviate from the Campaign

    • Have a solid foundation with a supplier

    • Plan well to meet Deliveries

    • Having A Good Support System