Ep 16 - Crucial Things You Need to Know When Forming a Startup in China - Nathan Jansen 1421.Consulting

In this episode Rico sat down with long time China friend Nathan Jansen from 1421 Consulting. 

Nathan dropped knowledge bombs on topics such as:

  • The most commonly formed business entities in China (i.e. WOFE, Representative Office, Joint Venture etc) and the advantages/disadvantages of each one
  • What the hands down best city to register your company in China is right now
  • The biggest misconceptions people have about registering a company in Mainland
  • What the minimum registered capital is to form your startup in the Mainland China and what registered capital is exactly
  • Why registering your company in Hong Kong first, will save you TIME & MONEY
  • If the Chinese company registration laws are becoming less or more strict and why