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 Source Find Asia delivers two main sourcing solutions:

#1. We provide peace of mind for business owners.

#2. We offer ultra-detailed sourcing reports & recommendations.


About the Peace of Mind Packages


It saves you from spending mind-numbing hours on Alibaba looking for the right factory.


Source Find Asia is here to ensure that you’re never swindled again. Our sourcing and sampling solutions are encompassing because we have an extensive network of sourcing agents and years of experience in this industry.


We have three different ‘Peace of Mind’ packages with details and prices below. For questions regarding any of these packages, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.


Have questions for us? Check out our FAQs.

 About the Sourcing Reports

Our sourcing reports provide critical value for anyone who: 


Has not found any suppliers but needs to start looking as soon as possible.


Is working with a supplier already but does not have any backup options. Doing business in China is not necessarily eliminating risks but mitigating them, having back up options is necessary for anyone manufacturing here.


Is “testing the waters”. If you are simply trying to see whether there are suppliers capable of producing your product in China, you can sleep well knowing the research was done thoroughly and correctly.


Values time. Do not sift through an overzealous list of suppliers on Alibaba. We will provide you with updated, accurate and detailed information.


Wants to save a ton of money! Buying a plane ticket and booking hotels to vet factories can add up quickly. At a conservative estimate, you would be spending at least $3,000 flying here and visiting manufacturers yourself.


Is not 100% familiar with China’s intricate elements of guanxi. The culture, language barrier and business etiquette can take years to grasp. Use our deep understanding and on the ground experience to skip over these hurdles.


Packages & Pricing


Peace of Mind Packages


Sampling Package

$99 + Expenses*

✓ 10 samples

✓ Use of our China office to safely gather all your samples

✓ Quality check + 1 hour consultation

✓ You pick the best samples and we ship them out to you in one neat consolidated package

✓ Introduction to a FBA freight forwarder

Optional: +$50 for an additional 5 samples

Sourcing Reports & Sampling Package

$399 + Expenses*

✓ 10 samples

✓ Qualify the best factories

✓ Communicate your needs to factories

✓ Use of our China office to safely gather all your samples

✓ Quality check + 1 hour consultation

✓ You pick the best samples and we ship them out to you in one neat consolidated package

✓ Introduction to a FBA freight forwarder

Optional: +$100 for an additional 5 samples

Freight Forwarding Package

$199 + Expenses*

✓ Ship your products directly from China to Amazon

✓ We ensure to follow all proper packaging, documents, and labeling guidelines for shipment directly to Amazon

✓ We ship samples to Europe or directly to an FBA fulfillment center in the US

✓ We can handle any order size

✓ We handle communication with the freight forwarder

Project Managment

✓ A dedicated SFA Client Account Manager they speak fluent English, Mandarin & Cantonese, who will communicate with your assistant and the factories on a daily basis.

✓ In person factory visits.

✓ Assessing samples.

✓ Contract negotiations.

✓ Unlimited QC inspections (in our office).

✓ Co-ordinating FRI with 3rd Party QC company.

✓ Co-ordinating shipping & logistics with Freight Forwarder.

✓ Sourcing backup or new suppliers for this product line.

✓ professional assessment of the supplier and advice where needed via consulting calls or email.

Note* Expenses are any additional shipping costs or packaging purchased.


Sourcing Reports Only

Basic Sourcing Report


✓ 3-5 Detailed Factory Reports

✓ 1 Product Category

✓ Company Info

✓ Product Certificates

✓ Access to Partners

Business Sourcing Report


✓ 3-5 Detailed Factory Reports

✓ 3 Product Categories

✓ Company Info

✓ Product Certificates

✓ QMS (Quality Management System)

✓ Contact Details

✓ QC Intro

✓ Freight Forwarder Intro

✓ Templates

Product Photos

Product Photos Package

Package Options:

2 - 5 Photos for $22 Per Photo

6 - 9 Photos for $18 Per Photo

10 - 15 Photos for $14 Per Photo

✓ All photos are taken on a plain background

✓ Price includes shipping costs

✓ Scenarios & Models available at additional cost

Get Quality Professional Product Photos Taken at a Fraction of the Cost & Time

Consulation Calls

$1.66 Per Minute

Do you keep running into obstacles when sourcing products from China? Do you keep banging your head against the wall thinking there must be a better way when importing?

We help eCommerce companies import quality products from Asia

We have 10 years of on the ground experience in China. We Have managed mass production of over 10 million in the last four years. This is what we do, we deal with manufacturers all day everyday and are physically in factories at least once every two weeks.


Contact us today for a quote, consultation, or inquiries. We’re waiting to hear from you!


 What Are Sourcing Reports?

You can’t ever be too safe in China. Choosing the wrong factory can ruin your product launch, crush your ability to scale and ultimately destroy your well-earned trust with your customers.  In the past, you had to roll the dice…but now, you don’t have to shoot in the dark to find your perfect supplier.

We provide accurate, up to date, ultra-detailed reports and recommendations on factories for your products. With over 8 years of experience on the ground in China, we have built an extensive network encompassing manufacturers from toy, clothing, textiles, technology, travel industries and more. Our sourcing reports will allow you to narrow down a list of suitable manufacturers and streamline your decision making process. This will save you months in lead time and thousands in cash letting you dismiss unreliable manufacturers who overlook quality.