Ep 7 - How to Break Into A Chinese Network and Build Relationships (with Russell Smith)

In this episode we interview Russell Smith, a long-term expat in China who currently designs websites and does online marketing for Chinese manufacturers. Here’s what’s on tap:

  • How he got started in China and why sourcing is not for everyone

  • How he transitioned into providing services to Chinese companies

  • The staggering differences between forming Chinese vs. Western business relationships

  • How Russell managed to break into a network of hundreds factory owners and how he’s built his reputation with them from scratch

  • The one brunch with his Chinese contacts that resulted in landing $12K in contracts simultaneously

  • The unpredictability of doing business and contract work in China

  • Why sometimes you need to be committed to China to reap the complete rewards

  • The differences between Chinese & Western web design

  • SEO and advertising strategies in China

  • China’s present and future state of online marketing