Ep 4 - Mastery of The Mind Best Selling Author & Digital Nomad - Noam Lightstone

In this episode we interview a digital nomad, best-selling author and creator of the blog Light Way of Thinking, Noam Lightstone. Here’s what we talk about:

  • How he realized he couldn’t work for anybody after graduating in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering with a Master’s degree

  • His impressions after visiting China and why that country is not for everyone

  • The process of moving from Canada to Saigon, Vietnam and landing a job

  • How reaching out to mentors is more accessible than most people think

  • His and Rico's list of essential resources for any aspiring entrepreneur

  • His travel hacking methods and how he’s saved thousands of dollars traveling throughout Europe & South East Asia

  • The process of writing, self-publishing a book on Amazon and becoming a best-selling author