Ep 105 - Don't Get Sued! Be Wary of Borrowing Money in China

Today´s guest is John Graham Harper, an Australian entrepreneur who started out in the fitness industry in Shenzhen around 18 years ago.

We talk about why China was the perfect spot for adventurers, how to cater to the Chinese as well as the expat community and how to create a sports platform like White Collar Fight Night.

It´s a very interesting interview where John shares some of the mistakes he made and tips on how to avoid them.

Topics incl:

  • Coming to china and Unexpectedly Staying

  • Feeling invincible back in the day

  • White Collar Fight Night

  • Early Mistakes and what it takes to build a Gym Business

  • Gym Businesses functions on Debts

  • Conflict with the Lender

  • China's Justice System 

  • Getting Sued, a common issue.

  • Tips on how to deal with legal issues

  • Crowd funding for a Lawyer

  • Foreigners are at a disadvantage when battling a case

  • China's Still a Land of Opportunity