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Your FBA business is hard enough.

First, you have to follow the strict selling rules.

Then you have to deal with Review System trolls who sabotage your business.

Competitors will try to counterfeit your products - suspending your account OVERNIGHT...

...and that's just the beginning.

Dealing with China is a whole different beast.

Do these sound familiar?

Faulty samples (you never even get to use).

Delays on lead time.

Factory relationships going south. 

We've seen it all.

But it doesn't have to be so difficult.

Hi, my name is Rico Ngoma.

My partner and I are here to make your China problem go away.

We've been here in the trenches sourcing manufacturers for over eight years.

It hasn’t been easy.

The lessons we learned in the beginning were costly. Some mistakes put our business to the brink of extinction. 

And now, those same lessons have given us the wisdom to help YOU. 

As someone who has your best interest at heart I urge you use our vast experience that we've accumulated while here on the ground in China. 

Read on and learn how to save yourself thousands of dollars and months in lead time without worrying about China.

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What Will Your Business Look Like in Six Months?

Jeff and Rich are giving a go at this "FBA" business. Both are on a limited budget, and want to make significant cash through FBA.

At first, they're looking to make a little extra money,

Eventually they want to support their family.

Jeff is brave and confident. He can figure out everything from vetting factories to freight forwarding.

How difficult could it be? Everything is online these days...

...“I’ll just find what I want on Alibaba, get a Gold rated Supplier. A company as big as Alibaba vets these factories anyway.

Though it took longer than he originally hoped, Jeff finally feels good about a few factories. He starts communicating with the factory online. He figures out their MOQs and what experience they have. He's careful. He rounds up the names of those he’s contacted and checks whether they pass the "eye test".

Though he doesn’t speak the language, he gets a good feeling about them.

They seem “legit”.

He quickly makes an order of samples smiling...

“This is the start of something big!”

...or so he thought...

Meanwhile, Rich takes a different approach.

He knows that he’s a novice, so he figures to get some help on the China side of things.

“I’m not going to have many chances going to China, I might as well get someone down there to represent me well.

Rich knows that his business is long term.

Developing a great relationship with his factory is a no-brainer.

After talking to a few buddies he met on Facebook groups, he understands:

Speed is the game.

He decides that over time he can learn the process himself (if need be). For now, getting experienced pros will get him results in his initial timeframe.

After forwarding all the information to Source Find Asia, he feels relieved that he’s going to get exactly what he asks for.

A week later, Source Find Asia receives his samples and gives him a video consultation on what they’ve received. They help him through the QC process and mention improvements that need to be made.

They point out a few details that he (embarrassingly) failed to realize.

He avoided disaster.

Source Find Asia then took the necessary product photos and consolidated all the samples into one neat affordable package.

Once he sent the OK, the products arrived in the Amazon warehouse the same week.


On the other end, i
t’s been weeks, and Jeff hasn’t received a thing.

He went back online to talk with the factory...


Panic sets in.


What Happened to Jeff’s Order?

Jeff takes a copy of his wire transfer and sends it to the factory, hoping they would at least acknowledge him.

Another week later, he gets a reply saying they’ll send his samples.


But then...another few weeks pass.

A big box hit Jeffs door step. 

He couldn’t contain his excitement. He quickly tears open the box like a four year old at Christmas.

His heart sunk.

Two of his samples were damaged beyond use - the others had QC problems that crippled his plans for production.

Back to the drawing board.

It’s now almost two months since he started.

By this time, Rich has approved his samples and found his freight forwarder...

...Hes in business!

Jeff is still struggling.

Not only does he have to get new samples shipped to him, he knows he has to pay another large sum to get his photos done at the local shop.

(That's another couple months!) 

Jeff is now months behind the ball, lost THOUSANDS of dollars, and risks becoming a late-comer in a business structure where speed is the game.

He’s lost before he even started.

Jeff's story isn't that uncommon.

The truth is....


Amazon has strict rules of business...but so does China

In China, business is done face to face. When you DONT have a representative on the ground, it’s hard to build trust.

Instead, you are left on the back burner.

Factories in China get hundreds of inquiries a month. Many of which fall through.

Add the fact that there's an abundance of local scammers, and it's easy to see why face to face meetings are everything.

Think about it. Would
n’t you rather help someone you’ve met over a nice dinner, than some faceless stranger you randomly met on the internet?

At Source Find Asia we become your
boots on the ground”. We’ll represent your business with our savvy, experienced, bilingual team. There will be no clash of cultures, no misunderstandings. Everything is simply the way it should be...


If you’re a solopreneur, or uncomfortable with the thought of dealing with China, or simply looking for reliable expert advice, Source Find Asia is for you.

Here’s our offer to you, the smart business owner:

With our “pick and choose” solutions below, you can select the options that will ROCKET your FBA business. Let us deal with the headache that comes with Chinese manufacturing.

We're giving you the opportunity to focus on the most important part of your business...

Making money!


Please Note:

Because of our popularity with this custom solution, we have a limited number of businesses we can serve each month.