Ep 78 - The Growing pains of Consulting Businesses

This week, we welcome back to the Podcast, Noam Lightstone, who is one of Rico's Core of Best Friends from way back during college in Canada. In this episode they exchange each other's Growing Pains that comes with running a Consulting Business, their shared values and how it is being a Young Entrepreneur.

Topics Includes:

  • Micro Expenses

  • Big Sin City vs Small Transitioning City

  • Does Systemizing your business really give you more free time?

  • Making the right Hire and managing your staff.

  • Having someone who can get task done aside from yourself

  • S.O.Ps

  • Strategizing and moving your staff like chess pieces

  • Wearing different "Hats" within your company

  • Challenges of working with an unreliable Company or Client

  • Giving Trust to your employee as part of encouraging growth.

  • Can there be balance when starting a business and having a relationship?

  • "You can have it all you want but not all at once"