Ep 76 - A Globally Sourced YT Channel with Mr Mafan of the MAFAN Crew

This is not a “MAFAN” episode! Here Rico chats with Mr Mafan Himself over drinks. Aka Luigui Mangasha, an expat in China for the last 8 years, shares with us his experience working in Beijing then moving to Shenzen and as well as talking about his brainchild The Mafan Crew, a youtube channel he created for the Multi-cultured Expats living in China.

Topics Includes:

  • Mafan crew's purpose 

  • What mafan means

  • Luigui Mangasha channel

  • Being Aware in China: watching out for spit!

  • Learning to be patient and accepting in China

  • Shenzen Vs Beijing

  • Networking through WeChat app

  • Learn to sell yourself

  • Why a Chinese would hire a Foreigner?

  • Competition improves a company

  • Misconceptions of foreigners on the business side of things.

  • Challenges working as a the lone foreigner 

  • Designing toys as the next business move

  • Starting out the youtube channel

  • Vloggers.

  • "Make yourself different"

  • Youtube is Practically Illegal in China


  • Youtubers in China WeChat Group

  • Advice to "young Youtuber" Rico

  • "Keep it real and believe in yourself"

  • "Gratefulness is the greatest virtue of a man"