Ep 75 - Second year in China Lessons

This week’s episode, We coincide the SFA Youtube Video Channel and the Made in China Podcast to release the first VideoCast. Rico captured this moment chatting with Harrison Bevins, an Amazon FBA Reseller, who you can recall from previous Made In China Episodes; Lessons learned in China year 1 and the Reply all episode. Here they revisit their conversation on lessons they learned in China year 1 and discuss the continuing process and the adjustments made to adapt to the constant challenges of handling their business while in China.

Topics Includes:

  • The Adjustments made, From living in Taiwan to Mainland China

  • Discovering making money online, Drop shipping

  • Reply All Episode

  • Selling the drop shipping store through Flippa.com

  • Amazon FBA, Why FBA and Lessons Learnt while selling the Company

  • Product Photos from Rico's Source Find asia

  • Communicating in China. "WeChat App"

  • Biggest Lesson learned 2nd year in China

  • Rollercoaster of emotions comes with doing business

  • The Importance of having a community of like minded people surrounding you.