Ep 70 - Crowdfunding for Sex Toys, Lovach

Warning!!! This conversation contains Explicit topics!!! NSFW! It's a first in this Podcast where sex is part of the topic which was heavily discussed. Here they Introduce Molly which is made and distributed by a company that specializes in sex toys called Lovach, and gives a brief description and the benefits regards to the product as well as sharing more in depth issues about the sex toy industry, indiegogo crowd funding campaigns and the common challenges they experience when manufacturing products with chinese factories.

Topics Includes:

  • Starting out as a teacher in China.

  • "Focus on something you can control"

  • Product Features: 2 point stimulation

  • Benefits of sex toys in today's world and how it helps long distance relationships

  • Flaws from other products: Invading privacy and unregulated toys, “be careful what you put up in your @$%!

  • The Lovach Team and roles of each member

  • The steps to manufacturing the product

  • Issues with factory : best to get an industrial designer

  • indiegogo launching

  • Marketing Plans

  • Expectations on the campaign

  • Next product after "Molly"