Ep 116 - Registering & Marketing An Internet Business in China to China w/ Jons Slemmer

In This week's episode, We welcome another Digital Entrepreneur Jons Slemmer. The new Host of ChinaBusinessCast, Who operates a Digital Marketing Consultancy from China. He shares his opinions and perspectives related to marketing a brand online while dealing with China's strict implementations and the challenges for foreigners to do start an online business.

Topics incl:

  • Choosing to Live in Chengdu

  • Hosting China BusinessCast

  • Red Star Consulting 

  • Challenges of foreign companies in China

  • Marketing to the Chinese Audience

  • Why creating apps are better than websites in China

  • Cost of Marketing in the country

  • Knowing the ICP license

  • Climate in doing online business in China

  • Misconceptions of foreigners about marketing to the Chinese

  • Implemented Regulations & Compliances

  • Business challenges in China

Resources Listed As Mentioned:

Source Find Asia Youtube Channel


China Business Cast

Red Star Consultant

4 hour work week

What is The Fire Movement Article 

Gary V Youtube Channel

LinkedIn: Jons Slemmer WeChat: jslemmer