Ep 107 - From Canadian Oil Fields to E-Commerce in Hong Kong w/ Lorenzo Payman Part 1

For the week, we get to hear an Interesting Story about the Journey of Lorenzo Payman, A Good Pal of Rico. His adventures from working in Corporate Canada then to the Oilfields and then as a Football Coach will be shared. Let’s have a listen to another inspiring Entrepreneur.

Topics incl:

  • Getting laid off and Coming to China from Canada and Being one of the first to join Enter China

  • Elevator Life

  • Work as a Xray Inspector andr Difficult Conditions at the oilfield

  • Life after Oilfield back to Corporate Canada

  • Coaching Football in Hangzhou

  • Moving to Shenzhen and starting his Entrepreneurial Life

  • The early years of Enter China Community

  • Cheering on fellow Entrepreneurs "The world needs Entrepreneurs"

  • Organizing Football Camps

  • Getting Royal Treatment at Guangdong