Ep 103 - Building Sustainable Fashion Wear in China w Felipe Arias CEO @ I Too

In this Episode, we listen to the conversation that Rico had with Felipe Arias, CEO of Itoo, who was a guest on episode 92. Here, he gives a more in depth insight of Fast Fashion and building a Sustainable within the Industry.

Topics incl:

  • How Fashion Industry Affects the Environment

  • Sustainability in China

  • Corruption in the Industry

  • Advance Technology for Sustainability 

  • Polyester Recycables  

  • Sustainablity in Fashion is Expensive

  • Implementing Safety in the Factories

  • Organic Farming

  • Trust and Transparency

  • Lack of Workers in the Factory

  • Sourcing from India and Vietnam 

  • Fast Fashion

  • Made in China vs Made in Italy

  • H&M and Zara

  • Marketing, YG Media

  • Selling in Canton Fair

  • Digital Marketing in China

  • Trips with the Europe Crew