About Us

Source Find Asia is the leading sourcing company in the global market that specializes in helping businesses achieve high performance in Asian markets. 


Making Manufacturing Simple



Hi, my name is Rico Ngoma.

My partner and I are here to make your China problem go away. We've been here in the trenches sourcing manufacturers for over eight years. It hasn’t been easy. The lessons we learned in the beginning were costly. Some mistakes put our business to the brink of extinction. And now, those same lessons have given us the wisdom to help YOU. As someone who has your best interest at heart I urge you use our vast experience that we've accumulated while here on the ground in China.

Do these sound familiar? Faulty samples (you never even get to use). Delays on lead time. Factory relationships going south. We've seen it all. But it doesn't have to be so difficult…



How We Work

By working closely with you to determine your individual opportunities and needs, we develop and implement time-tested strategies tailored to your business. Whether it’s research and insight into new markets, purchasing and manufacturing solutions, product development, or entry into dynamic Asian markets, Source Find Asia provides a host of consulting services that fit your business. Source Find Asia is your china office for all sourcing needs.



Over 10 Years Experience

We make sure you’re working with top quality suppliers so you don’t have to lift a finger. Having spent over 10 years on the ground in Asia - our market experience allows us to tackle problems in ways nobody else can.

Whether it’s for vetting factories or expanding your growing empire, you can take advantage of our broad network and fine-tuned sourcing expertise. Trust us as your passionate team on the ground that takes on herculean challenges and solve your sourcing problems. We get things done.


 What We Do

Source Find Asia delivers two main sourcing solutions; we provide peace of mind for business owners and offer ultra-detailed sourcing reports & recommendations. 


 Where We Operate

Our primary niche is the global market, but we have our main office support in Guangzhou China.


Guangzhou, Mainland China

Firmly in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou reigns as the largest manufacturing base in the world, the largest city in this metropolitan area, and the third-largest city in China.

With nearly 45 million people, the Pearl River Delta accounts for more than a third of China’s overall GDP and is the fastest-growing region in China. Our offices here support production and consulting operations throughout China.

We also maintain active enterprises in Qingdao, Chennai (India), Shanghai, Hong Kong and Nantong. 


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